How to invest in yourself?

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Ok, all we know that the most valuable asset we all have is the time.
All we know that the best investment choice is to invest in yourself.
But how to invest in yourself?
This is what I do to invest in myself. I will be glad to learn from your experience.

1) Book reader - I am a big fan of reading, I bought a book reader, I read a lot, I learn a lot.
2) Health - an excercise bike, a juicer, a blender.

It seems, It not so easy to find a proper answer.
Learning, healthy eating and exercising - is that everything I can do to invest in my brains and in my body?
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    yes .. you bought those things .. but are you using them ..effectively ..

    they are not investments .. untill they return value.. instead they are just consumption.. ..

    theree is no such thing as healthy eating .. food is food .. and the effect food has on you is different based on genetics and food combinations..and the flora of your digestive tract have so many calories you will eat in a day ..and a third or a quarter are used while digesting food ....

    the game i play .. is how to get as many vitamins and minerals from my food as possible..and stay under that budget .. and i cook much of my own food and can eat really well for 50 bucks a week ..

    the healthiest thing you can do for yourself is learn to cook or prepare food that tastes good to you without having to add oils or sauces .. herbs and spices all tend to enhance flavor and have health benefits ...

    now if you are going to use the juicer and the blender.. frozen fruits are much better than fresh unless you live in warm tropical climates .. so blend the fruits..and grow greens in a garden and juice them.. but did people stay healthy the 100,000 years humans have been on earth..without juicers and exercise ..

    read and study for different things to try to do..and test to see the effect they have on your health..

    you can't purchase you way to good health's a process of discovering how what you eat effects your health.. and how you move your body promotes a healthy body ..

    if you study about people who live to 100 and are healthy and active.. many have a few bad habits ..
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