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So you have some painful times in your life that just don't seem to go away.... Been there, done that...

I want to share a technique with you from the Higher Balance Institute for spirituality and metaphysics on rewriting the brains memories to make you a more happy functioning being...

So here it is in black and white, copied straight from the PDF, enjoy!

Rewriting Memory

Choose a moment or occasion that has caused you pain

Remember this occasion clearly

Artificially change the experience by reacting in a different way; as the person you are now would. Control the experience to create a positive outcome. Do not act violently or negatively but exhibit confidence and strength.

By reprogramming the memory, the brain will re-associate the experience.

What was once bad and painful can be changed to goodness, light, and healing.

Do this for 5 minutes, 3 times a day for negative memories.

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    I did this in a therapy session once. We also combined it with EFT and some other stuff involving eye and hand movements.

    We did three sessions over a few weeks. The first session was extremely effective at reducing an anxiety issue that I had been suffering from. The issue wasn't 100% fixed but its negative impact on me was lessened to a substantial degree.
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