Does it help to challenge yourself socially?

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Hi there!

What's your opinion, does it help to challenge yourself socially? Like holding presentations, talking to new people and so on. Maybe we just are born the way we are? I don't know really.
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    What's your experience?
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    In my experience of being a Dance instructor and all the time facing new people and challenges, it helped me a lot. I remember my first time doing a class where I had to speak in front of small group of like 20 people and teach them how to dance. It was a really experience scary since I never did it before, but somehow I got the hold of it and each class after that was better and better.

    Same thing as in IM world, going out in front of people talking about subject which everyone wants to know about but have no idea what to do.

    Even when you have certain knowledge in some area, it can be very intimidating talking in front of tens/hundreds of people without being scared. Now after almost 4 years of constantly doing it, it became a second nature to me.

    My tip would be to read some books on Body language and presentation tips and just start. Have a plan what you are going to talk about but don't strictly repeat what it says. Try improvising if you can since that will get you the trust from people when they see you want to help them.

    Everything can be learned in some way or another, but there are also exceptions to the rule and some will never be able to get to the level of someone else.

    You will never know until you try, throw yourself there and experience it. See how it goes, and if it goes well continue since that is the only way you will progress.

    Hope my experience gives you some insight,

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    Become programmed and people will dance to your rhythm.
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    The more you do it the easy it gets. The first step is the hardest.
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    logically you would think so as it will build your confidence up
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    I believe that challenging yourself socially does improve your game.

    Before I started working for the auto dealer I am currently at, I never sold anything. So when I told a customer that he needs brakes and they are $550 dollars, it was very difficult. By the way, the customer said yes to the brakes as if the money was nothing, and I was in shock.

    Now I make those calls routinely, at least 5-7 times a day. I don't think anything of the calls. I could do them in my sleep.
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      does it help to learn chinees or spanish ?

      it really depends on the business ..what social skill you will need and what you need to develop ..

      and most of your social skill are in how you dress and your body language ..
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