Personal Impact Success stories Needed

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This appears to be the best section on WF to pose this request:

I am self-published, self help author and....

>>>> I'm looking for any personal accounts of actual, verifiable cases where you have "found your Calling" or your life's passion and have translated that calling into a profitable Online or Offline business venture. <<<<

I am particularly interested in cases where more than one person or your closest family members told you It Won'T Work!! You'll go broke!! or just mainly failed to buy into your "dream".

If you don't happen to fall in this category, but know someone who does, I would be very happy to hear from them also.

My goal here is to collect some real world examples for a re-launch of my second edition of an earlier book. All stories submitted and actually chosen to be included in my new book will receive full link information to your business web page published in my book.

If this sounds at all interesting, please PM me and I will send out a brief questionnaire so I can collect more details about your personal success story.

PLEASE: No fabricated, pie in the sky yarns, just to get a backlink! I will need to be able to verify your information through other sources.

Thanks to All,, And may I wish you Great Success!!

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