Why 95% of Network Marketers dodge Success!

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Mind set! Mind set! Mind set! One of the key ingredients to any type
of success is our mind set. If you can dream it, if the mind can
envision it, then it can be accomplished. The only thing separating
you from your dreams is your mind set.

Now, are there other key ingredients that may stunt our growth and
keep us from our various accomplishments, absolutely yes! However;
without the correct mind set, there is no room for growth. It is
suggested that with an idea comes the capacity to achieve it. In short,
where there is an idea, a dream, so also is the ability to bring
it into existence.

One of my favorite mentors and teachers, Les Brown, often suggest
that many people fail in life not because of aiming to high and missing,
but rather aiming to low and hitting. The idea here is clear. If I want to
achieve big goals, I must first allow myself to dream the big dream;
doing so understanding that such a dream can be accomplished.

When we think about why some people reach for their dreams while
others don't, it often has much to do with the idea of failing. While some
are simply too lazy to even try, there are those afraid to fail. But what is it
to "fail"? Defined by Webster's dictionary, to fail is to fall short; the lack of
success. But remember our success is pre-determined by the mind set
we keep or create, thus such a definition is only true if we accept it
in our minds. I'd like to challenge this way of thinking and suggest that
failure or the idea of such is nothing more than opportunity. It is the
opportunity to correct areas in judgment, behavior, and or practices so
they align with our goals, thus creating the results we want.

But it all begins with our mind set. We must be able to envision our goals
and dreams; we have to see them and believe in them, and even if we are
unable to see them (which is impossible), see ourselves seeing them until we can.
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    Mind set and attitude is truly the first step in your road to success. If you believe that you "are" a multimillionaire then you will be. Contrary to that if you think that you will never succeed that also will be true.

    Of course once your mind set and attitude have been adjusted it is important to take consistent action towards your goals in life until they are realized.

    Took me along time to believe this but it is true.
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    Yep.. this is one of those easy to say truths but oh so difficult to put into practice..
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    I think it's a daunting industry in which statistics say you will most probably fail.

    It takes some serious confidence to get through that
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    Don't take statistics too seriously, we like apply them to predict reality but they don't really correlate.

    Anyway, if you keep focusing on making progress, and don't give up, statistically you can't fail!
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      I think we have been taught in schools and by our parents (mostly) not to become successful. They don't let us think big and dream big, because THEY are afraid we'll fail. Those are all people who were too afraid of failure, which everybody thinks is a bad thing. It's not exactly what we want, but it is not bad, because it is a necessary step towards our goal. I think statistically every rich person in this world has failed many times at different business endeavors, before succeeding.

      And if you have faith and belief, statistically it was impossible to ever go to the moon many years ago, but today this is a reality. Statistics tells us what it was, but we create what it will be.

      One should not bother with statistics, the one who does is a foul.
      Hard work always pays off.
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        It is their mind (or what I call the Drunk monkey) that is preventing them to succeed. They have mind automatically dismissing big risks like Network marketing ( life is all about risks anyway right? ) and they have to stay in a safe or comfortable zone. Passion, desire and a deep understanding of themselves will bring them to change...
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          I think the other reason that most network marketers fail (besides their mindset) is the lack of training, leadership, and a duplicable system. When I joined my first network marketing company I was very excited because I saw the potential in the compensation plan. However, I was frustrated because I never knew what to do next. I asked my sponsor, "When I sponsor one of my friends or a business opportunity lead, what do I teach them about how to build their business?" His only reply was, "If their why is big enough, the how will take care of itself." Imagine if you bought a McDonald's franchise and you asked your trainer at McDonald's corporate "How do I get the French fries to come out exactly like all the other McDonald's French fries?" and they told you "If your why is big enough, the 'how to cook the French fries' will take care of itself". Wouldn't this piss you off? But when I got that response from my sponsor I didn't know any better than to listen to him.

          I got busy buying and calling "business opportunity leads", placing classified ads in newspapers and even putting bandit signs along the highway that read "Home Based Business. More Time With Kids. Call XXX-XXX-XXXX". The classified ads in the paper asked for full time salespeople (this was per my up-line's specific instructions) and all I got from those ads were angry folks who thought they were applying for a job. I actually did get some calls from the bandit signs but imagine what a surprise they got when I told those prospects, "Ok, this is a really simple business. All you have to do is run around late at night hammering these bandit signs into the ground (you can't do it during the day because they are illegal in most counties), buy lists of 50 to 100 people who filled out forms online for a work at home or business at home opportunity and for every 90 people or so that you call and pitch your business to on the phone you will get one person who is not a lazy job-seeking jerk. And oh yeah, you can also run some really expensive ads in the classified section of the paper for salespeople and the few respondents who are not angry that you tricked them into replying to a MLM opportunity will sell some of this stuff for you." All of these uncomfortable marketing and sponsoring tactics sound really duplicable, right?

          This kind of crap sets new people up for failure and helps perpetuate the saying among most of the worker bees out there that "nobody ever makes money in those things." What a new person needs is a step by step system that is just as detailed and methodical as the McDonald's franchise business system but is laid out simply for the new business owner so that 99% of the human variables and any need for discretion are taken out of the equation.

          A network marketer who has this type of system in place can have a detailed, profitable, no BS answer to the question of "how do I build my down-line?" that can be duplicated over and over and over without using any of the uncomfortable and ridiculous tactics that so many network marketers have been taught.

          -Timothy Norton
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    I think people get stuck seeing an idea as this massive project that will take too much time and effort. If you break it down into small achievable pieces it becomes more realistic. I agree 100% you need the mind set, but I dont see many offering practical solutions for people who need the mind set. I would suggest this book as well (I feel like a broken record, because I have a lot of posts involving this book, but its true) How to win friends and influence people.
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