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what do you think of this quote?

If you hang around with five confident people you will be the sixth
If you hang around with five intelligent people you will be the sixth
If you hang around with five millionaires you will be the sixth
If you hang around with five idiots you will be the sixth
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  • It is just the same as

    Hanging out with like minded people and you will become like them.

    Why make things so complicated?
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    I depends on the level of programming you impose to yourself.

    You don't need nobody to extract confidence or self-worth, it's totally placebo.
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    You are more likely to think the same way as your circles.

    There is a possibility that you may act the same way they do.

    There's a tendency that soon enough you will behave like your friends.
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  • At first, I focused on not surrounding myself with people who could hurt my progress and growth but I started to shift that mindset into surrounding myself with intelligent, ambitious and open-minded people.
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    Nothing is guaranteed.

    I have 5 friends who are auto mechanics, I am a psychologist.
    I used to have friends who were alcoholics, I never drank.

    The premise is flawed.

    The idea behind the "Saying" is that by being around
    people who you want to emulate will influence you to do
    and learn some of the same methods that made them

    The problem is that you are not them. You can gain
    knowledge, you can become a more positive thinker,
    (and those two things alone are likely to make a
    person successful), but strategies must adapted
    to each individual and acted upon. There is that old
    "Take Action" thing again.

    I am not saying that hanging out with the "Big Guns"
    does not have its benefits, just that the "Hanging Out"
    does not make for success.
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    well if you put any faith in the law of attraction ..at all ..

    it is the wrong question ..

    there are people who do get changed by the peple they hang around..but many times ..those people dive in and accept those changes and become like those they hang around ..

    you surround yourself with people you either want to be like or already are like ..

    hanging ouut is not the key..it's striving to replicate what those you hang around with do ..
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    i completely agree with rbates points.
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    well 30 years ago when the saying first started or longer ..people live in neighborhoods .. with people like them and their friends did the same type of work or work at the same places ..and so made about the same money ..

    now things are different social groups are different and if you did the math .. it might be that your five closest friends may actually make a wide range of incomes ..remember .. there was a time where most people had full time jobs and many of those jobs had pay scales .. so the people you worked with and spent the most time around .. where on the same pay grade ..or close ..

    then after college or high school if you didn't go to college ..you surround yourself with friend like you.. or that you like .. what ever ..

    things are different know ..
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    Yes, your peers have a massive influence on you. However, just because you might hang around a bunch of millionaires it doesn't mean that you will most definitely become a millionaire, it just means your more likely to do as they do. You will most likely learn things from them or copy their actions and subsequently get the results that they get.

    This will only happen if you allow yourself to be influenced by those people who are around you. Don't just think that if you hang with a bunch of educated people you will become more educated automatically; there is some work that goes into becoming educated. You would have to take the time and listen and maybe when your friend is picking up a book or two you may feel like doing the same, and eventually your level of understanding/knowledge will rise.

    A lot of the time the change in your behaviour will come naturally. When you notice a change in your results you may want to take a step back and realise that the people around you have lead you to change a number of things about yourself. Think of it as the results being the tip of the ice berg, and all the changes you have undergone mentally are not visible.

    Firstly, if you see a change in your results it means you most likely have started to think differently. This can be negative or positive, depending on whether if those people around you are positive or negative influence (you're the judge, no one else). You may notice that the way you think resembles the way your peers speak, the scenarios you play in your head may have become a lot more intense toward any particular topic or situation. You may imagine yourself reacting in ways which would resemble extreme reactions which your peers may be likely to respond fondly to.

    Secondly, your behaviour will change. You will most likely start to change the way you act around your peers in order to match their behaviour. It won't take too long until you change the way you behave towards strangers, again this can be positive or negative.

    Thirdly, you will start to create new habits which will resemble the habits of your friends. This is more likely to happen if you actively choose to be just like your peers.

    Fourthly, your results will change. Since you decided to change the thoughts you think, the way you behave and as a result pick up new habits there is no way to escape the change of results.

    To conclude the people you surround yourself play an important part in your life. A great formula to use is the 33% formula, which basically states that 33% of your friends should be better than you, 33% should be lower than you are at whatever level i.e. education, finances etc. The final 33% should be on the same level as you this way you have a range of people you can learn from, teach and identify yourself with.

    P.S: I hope this helped, choose your friends wisely and make sure that they give value to you as an individual and you should do the same. That's how you make and keep friends for a lifetime.
    I hope I answered your question

    Kind Regards

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    There is def some truth to this one.

    I find surrounding myself with positive folks helped make me more positive. We are batteries in essence, stock full of energy. If you surround yourself with high energy folks you will feed off of their collective energy. Flip side with negative folks. This applies across the board.

    I hang with rocking entrepreneurs to learn from the best. Even if I haven't met some of these icons in person I feast on their energy and offer my positive energy too. You take on whatever you regularly expose yourself to. Hang with the high rollers to become a high roller yourself.

    I had to do a bunch of pruning before I got comfy with who I chilled with, online or offline. Thank goodness I did. Otherwise, I'd have clung to old, worn out bonds which I allowed to hold me back.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Originally Posted by SuccesfulIideas View Post

    what do you think of this quote?

    If you hang around with five confident people you will be the sixth
    If you hang around with five intelligent people you will be the sixth
    If you hang around with five millionaires you will be the sixth
    If you hang around with five idiots you will be the sixth
    But what if they are family?

    I do agree our environment can have an effect on us. I will always encourage a newbie or young person to go for it no matter how challenging the goal. But in a strategic way.

    Sometimes that encouragement is all it takes to see greatness appear before your eyes.
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    If you learn from them and take action -- yes. Just being around them if you're still keeping your old habits won't help you much.

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    Thanks for this article,
    I am totally agree, because we are influenced by the other.
    It's here where is interesting: we need to be in contact with positive people and they can easily influence us in their actions. It's a good advantage!
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    One of those maxims in life which is absolutely true. Although for me, I will try avoiding becoming number 2, number 4 or number 6. Cheers
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    Confidence, intelligence and money don't "rub off" on you when you hang out with those who are confident, intelligent or rich.

    If you hang out with idiots - you ARE an idiot because you chose those friends.


    IF you spend time with people who are efficient, organized and hard working, you are more likely to develop those traits yourself.

    IF you spend time with people who are polite, professional and optimistic....you are more like to run your business in a more effective way.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world changes forever for that one dog
    It actually doesn't take much to be considered a 'difficult woman' -
    that's why there are so many of us.
    ...jane goodall
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    Fook you bébé V 😂
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