[Struggling Online Marketers] Simple Concept To Attract Money

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There are many ways to give value, but the three ways I give value to others is by offering services, offering entertainment, and offering information. These are the three most common and ethical ways to give value to others and get some cash in return.

So for example, if you have a skill or talent that others would love to acquire, you could offer online and/or offline training services for those who are interested.

You could start off with free lessons and gradually begin to charge your clients a reasonable monthly fee or you could charge them by the hour. You also have the option to sell an information product that teaches people how to acquire a specific skill/ability.

If teaching is not your thing then you can just record videos of yourself doing what you do and upload them to YouTube while using attractive headlines and keywords in your title. You can then displaying ads on your channel to monetize or send people to a squeeze page to get on your email list where you can add more value to their lives through free and paid content.

Seriously, there are people out there who are searching for your services, entertainment, and knowledge. Give value and don't hold back, and money will finally stop running away from you and instead jump right in your lap.
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    Great point of view. Thanks for sharing.

    Offering good quality services, offering entertainment, and offering information are three of the surest ways to earn money online.

    You cannot separate the three. You cannot only offer information solely but you have to add some entertainment so that people will not get bored with your information.
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    I agree that we all have something of value to offer we just need to find it and have the courage and confidence to share it with others. I think the biggest problem is that we have a lot of self limiting believes that stand in our way of being or achieving what we were meant to achieve in life like, ' i am too shy', "i am not good enough', "i don't know much," etc. We need to deal with these negative thoughts that are probably not true so we can be of value to others. One quote that changed my life says that our purpose as human beings is tied in service to others, so if you want to live a life of purpose you have to make providing value to other people your biggest goal starting right now or other wise you are living a purposeless life. It is said also that to make a lot of money all you need to do is to increase your value and money will automatically follow.

    Thanks for the insightful post.
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    You are right

    you have to become valuable first so people will trust you and most online marketers keep on posting their products, when people do not even know who they are and worst they don't have a target market

    they keep on shooting, hoping they will have their desired income

    build trust first and money will follow

    Thanks for this post
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    I totally agree with you.

    There are really a lot of ways to attract money.

    People will just have to be creative and have the courage to get out of their shell and show the world what they can offer.
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    thank anisaaynashe, although it is a long post but this is such a great post you shared. and also i found a lot of right way to do the business while most of the way flying around the internet is focus on quick money or sometimes even spamming. even more, thank you for sharing the detail on what to focus on when starting business on internet marketing and for sharing the power of focus on one thing at a time. really really helpful
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