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There was a survey conducted a few years back on Chinese Singaporean and Chinese Indonesian, as to which is more important - Money or Power?

If you can choose only one, which will you pick?
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    Interesting question!
    I will choose to be happy :-D
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    Hard to say since the definition of POWER can be rather vague. Without knowing the exact reference as to what "power" is I would just say money. But as mentioned above being happy is really what is important in life. Some people with tons of money are not happy.
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    In most cases money is power it's hard to have one without the other

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      Originally Posted by Tomwood View Post

      In most cases money is power it's hard to have one without the other

      If you have power, money will flow to you.

      If you have money, you're viewed as powerful.

      I don't think it's an either-or situation. They're both one in the same.

      If I had to differentiate and make a choice, though, I'd be a feeble, meek rich man. And hire a lot of security.
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    Money to live an easier life. Money problems can really kill chances at happiness.

    I will also take Respect over Power. Sometimes Power comes with too many obligations and responsibilities.
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    It's hard to choose between the two.

    As the saying goes "with great power comes great responsibility."

    So if I really have to choose between the two, I would choose money.
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    In movies, yes heroes like Superman always win because of power, or should I say super power. However, in real world, people with money always win. If I have to choose one, then I would say, the power to make the money.
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    I think it is very actuality question for such countries and regions!? Do you know, that more 70% people of this country very destitute! That is why, such topics as Money or Power is more than questionable! As for me, I will choose to be a free! Money and Power it is a shackle of our modern world! It is not a main reason in our happiness!
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    Maybe it's just the position that I'm currently in (being pushed around a bit) that I would take power. By power, I simply mean the ability to control my own direction. While others have good intentions for me, being shunted around because it's good for 'all of us,' is something I wish I could escape from.

    Power to me is freedom then. The ability to not have to answer to anyone. To live life happy and free.
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    I choose money. Because money can make power
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    Money definitely. Money = Power .
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