The Sweetest Sound in Any Language !

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I love the Book "How to win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie and was reading it for the 3rd time after a Long time.

I stumbled upon a Great Idea.

Andrew Carnegie, the Steel King while Running his Steel mills never got any Strike Disturbances by his workers during his tenure and the Reason being, that His workers loved him like anything.

There was a Reason behind that.He have learned about the Human Psychology pretty well.He believed that A person seeks For the feeling of Importance.

What was his Secret You ask ?

What is that sound You ask ?
That sound is a Person's Name.

Andrew Carnegie memorized almost every workers Name and addressed them using their Name which was a Big deal for the worker because the Richest Man of that Time knew that Worker's name.The Worker felt Important because Andrew carnegie knew his or her Name.


Think about meeting a friend from some Random Seminar you went to after a Long Long time and while You have forgotten his name, he walks down to you and Address you by your name and says Hi.You will feel Awesome.Won't You ?

Practical Implication : Hardwire the Habit of Memorizing the names of people you come in contact with everyday and make sure, whenever you meet them, Address them with their name and they will feel Important.They will Love you for remembering their Name.

Thats is A Very Positive Habit and Powerful at the same time.

Keep Learning Keep Growing :-)
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    I've read this statement so many times, and I think on some level it is true. But it also depends on how people have been conditioned to see their name,

    Obviously, saying a person namely immediately draws the attention on you. If they're drifting off and you address them directly, they're going to pay attention.

    But my partner hates when I use her name. Maybe because I only use her name when I'm about to tell her off. If I start a sentence with her name, she rarely looks forward to the conversation.

    So while people will naturally be inclined to pay attention to the mention of their name, don't disregard the connotations that people can have associated with it being used in general conversation.
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    I have read this book, it is quite powerful and very true. It's not just about name though, its also about genuine attention, asking question, making them share their side makes them feel important, like they matter.
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    Well I think its about when we meet someone omce and then meet them after a longtime and still remember their name.It works in that case.Or sonething like that.
    Sell Dreams, Not Products
    - Steve Jobs
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    Thanks for sharing this! I'm also a huge fan of Carnegie.

    Also, the opposite is true as well; forgetting someone's name is a bad thing. What helps to memorize someone's name offline is, when someone new is introduced to you, address them by their name. So, instead of just saying something like "nice to meet you", you should say something like "nice to meet you, [person's name]".
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