If there was one word you would choose to sum up the road to success.

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For me it will be "Discipline"

"It doesn't matter what you're trying to accomplish. It's all a matter of discipline."


Edited as of Sept 12 '09

Wow.. There turned out to be more responses than i expected, so for those who suggested a single word and kept to my guidelines, as long as the word is relevant, i shall list them down in my first post!

  1. Edmltw: Discipline (uday1583, Peter Temp, Kennethsmith72
  2. Documaker: Survival
  3. Liquification: Action ( Peter Temp, Ratracegrad, Jesmechua
  4. KenThompson: Education
  5. WendellC: Character
  6. Kazooli: Peseverance (solardave,
  7. idesignbanner: Will
  8. Paul Ho: Mindset
  9. Idealady: Persistence (nicebiz, onedumbaussie,
  10. NealAshley: Relentless
  11. jjbalagosa: ""StickToItiveness"" (pending word. :p)
  12. cheesy: determination
  13. younghamir: Wisdom
  14. chrisgoode: vision
  15. Paul McQuillan: Focus (uday1583, Locpic63, Jimboy, Anderson Goncalves,
  16. acedalright: Diligence
  17. Jack Chua: Believe
  18. Kat Bartone: Weedy
  19. Pelletsystems: Faith
  20. Jimboy: concentration
  21. nemock: Desire
  22. usmanshakir: Respect
  23. GarryMsayer: Leverage
  24. utipparaju: Clarity
  25. Alex Rich: Change
  26. IMIM: food
  27. MichaelGK: Resistance
  28. bozz723: Bumpy
Anymore contributions? Will continue to update this list!

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