Thank God life oposes your dreams

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I used the title of my recent blog entry because I believe internet marketers and business owners experience such difficulties most of the time.

If your life was pretty much good, you wouldn't think of venturing in an online business or a work-from-home business. But be thankful God oposes dreams, because of which we learn new things towards our goals. We discover ways with our nature of unsatisfaction, in spite of struggles and opposition in every angles.

Be proud that you are experiencing hardships, it just means your on your way. It is just a transition into your new life... naturally your old life fights back.
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    I am totally agree with you that our life is not according to our life.
    I have many horrible and tragic dreams and some dreams are so fascinating and interesting that i wish my these dreams will be fulfilled.
    But as our dreams are our imagination so its not possible to do things as our dreams.
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    Be thankful, be glad, learn...and clear teh obstacles. Do make things easier for the future. Suffering is no way to travel.
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    This is so true. I am very thankful every time I experience certain struggles in life because through it I learned a lot and become a better person. Those barriers to our dreams are just stepping stones that will help us elevate to a better life.
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