7 Real Tips for Staying Fully Motivated!

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You wake up to start a new day and you tell yourself today is the day I make a change in my life! Unfortunately this is your 10th time saying it this year and it's only February. For some reason no matter how hard you try you just can't stay motivated. The importance of your need to change doesn't seem to be giving you that extra umph you need to stay motivated.

So what if your rent is due and your version of a home cooked dinner is Ramen noodles and hot dogs. Yummmm. I get it you try and try but can't stay motivated even after watching the most motivational & inspirational get your ass up and live videos on YouTube.

Help has arrived and it's in the form of 7 awesome steps that will keep you motivated whether you're trying to finish a rubiks cube or climb Mt. Everest blindfolded.

1. Set a goal and visualize it down to the most minute detail

Write down your goal and I don't mean â€"I want to lose weight â€" get down to the nitty-gritty on how much weight do you want to lose? How many pounds do you want to lose every month? How are you going to lose those pounds?

Next you need to visualize yourself going through the struggle of reaching your goal. Their will be times when you want to quit and give up but visualize yourself pushing through all the hard times and setbacks. Now, you're prepared for any challenges that may come your way.

2. Make a list of the reasons you want to accomplish the goal

Why is this goal important to you? Sometimes we set goals in life without a clue of why we want to achieve them. What are the benefits of reaching your goal? Write down all the reasons why this goal is important to you, no matter how minor you think the reason may be. If it is important enough to you to set a goal it's Important! So put it on the list.

3. Break the goal down into smaller pieces and set intermediary targets and reward yourself.

Some projects can seem overwhelming when or even before you start them, causing you to feel drained and like you'll never get them completed. Do yourself a favor and break down your goals Into small wins

Studies show that breaking down your goals Into the smallest doable task increases your chance of completing them and therefore reaching your goal. Small wins boost dopamine which is our brain's natural â€"feel good drug” and that provides a big rush of motivation and a feeling of accomplishment.

Now that you've accomplished some small wins it's time to reward yourself with some goodies for all your hard work. Rewarding yourself after a long day of working towards your goals will make you feel very warm and fuzzy on the inside and it won't be from all the coffee you've been drinking to stay awake.

4. Have a strategy, but be prepared for failure and to change things up

Things don't always go as planned and this can be a big kick in the face. Without a backup plan and the right mindset you will give up move on to something easier. Making your goal a distant dream floating in the back of your mind that will eventually cease to exist.

If you have a setback instead of viewing it as a failure view as a learning experience. Analyze the situation and figure out why it didn't work. What did you do wrong or could do better. Maybe you missed something and this is your opportunity to correct your oversight. Thomas Edison had over 10,000 failures but looked at each setback as a lesson and he never thought of giving up. Here’s two quotes from this great thinker

â€"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

â€"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

6. Revive your motivation

After chasing your goal for awhile it's easy to start feeling unmotivated and wanting to just say to hell with it. When you start to feel this way it's time to reevaluate your goals purpose and benefits.

Write down why you started this mission in the first place?

What will be the outcome when your goal is complete?

How will completing this goal change your life?

How will your life be affected if you don't finish your goal?

Answering these questions will spark that dying fire and rekindle your motivation.

7. Keep track of your progress

You can't know where you going until you know where you've been. Knowing your progress makes the difference between moving forward or walking on a treadmill, constantly walking forward without moving forward at all. Have set dates to complete task and keep track of how your doing. This will increase your chances of getting things done and provide urgency to make moves and get things done in a timely matter.

Another benefit of checking progress is that the more things you have completed the more confident and motivated you feel.

Follow these 7 steps and practice them daily and nothing will stop you from reaching your goals!
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    Wow. You really have a good point.

    I think I should follow your tips. I really need motivation especially now.
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