WHY did you decide to be a Marketer?

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Quote: If your 'why' is not big enough to make you cry, then your 'why' isn't big enough!

I never used to think about 'why' I was so determined to become a successful internet marketer. But when I stopped to ponder, I realized its all about family and friends.

Too many people I know are struggling, and my goal is to be able to assist them in becoming financially independent, so they can enjoy the beauty of this world. Working 9-5 for most of them is a dead end. I can't wait until they're all in a better place and we can celebrate in style. I can honestly cry when I think about how great it's going to be.

What's your big 'WHY'? Is it big enough to make you cry?

p.s. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the beautiful Mom's. You may not get the appreciation you deserve, but you're the most special person in someone's life.
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    The Internet is a huge, international medium, so for business owners it's an obvious channel for marketing.

    There are many Internet Marketers in the corporate world working a 9-5. There's a person behind literally every thing we see on the Internet, plugging away so that we see it. It's not a 'way out'. It's just marketing done on the Internet.

    'Working from home' (niche selection and selling ebooks etc), might be the better definition and certainly the 'way out' for some if it brings financial independence, which is another term that's probably more relevant.
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    I loved what you said there. "If your 'why' is not big enough to make you cry, then your 'why' isn't big enough!"

    Online marketing is not an easy risk to take but it's all worth the risk.
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    Well I went to school and got a degree in Marketing so I set my mind on it early. Some people just jump right in and give up soon after.

    It takes a lot of work and constant learning. It is challenging and fun if done right.

    I got into marketing because I love being creative and Marketing gives me the opportunity to be creative while having fun.
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    Thanks for this article.
    For me the big "why" needs to be very powerful: I have realized it too late but as I know myself and that I like that I do, it's not too late ;-)
    The autonomy is among my personal quality and if it's about webmarketing, that's allow me to use my strength in my advantage.
    I have a video about the big "why" it's here
    (No spam) ;-)
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    I love reading all the answers from this thread. Some were very inspiring. I love this discussion.
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