Success Is Not an Accident....

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I pray you find this inspirational....

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  • Success is not an accident. Success is a choice!
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    Great video. True enough that success is not an accident. It's a matter of your choice. You have decide that you will be successful for you to be one. Success does not happen instantly. You'll have to undergo through different difficulties before you call yourself successful.
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    Hello, I want to say, that success it is very hard work!!! Only hard work can be a really success! Of course, it is not a accident, it is work and your effort!
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    Yes indeed and thank you for sharing Rich. Success is a choice, a series of choices and commitment to your goal. Success is not all about making the right choices although they may seem like they are the right choices at the time. It is about learning from ALL the choices that you make and moving forward with the lesson that is learnt.
    I have made choices and learnt the hard way ( a huge learning curve at times).... I NEVER call them mistakes as they are not. Error of judgement yes, but there is always a lesson to be learnt and a positive in every situation!
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    Just work hard, take action every single day, focus on the goal and the dream, make plans, and never give up..

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