How to become a successful person?

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Ah, the most common topic that is behind everyone's mind.

How to become a successful person? Very often, I feel that this question is answered in the wrong manner.

Success is not directly the result of one's action, but that of the value that one gives to the world.

While success is not just monetary, looking at successful people like elon musk, larry page tells us a lot. They created a lot of VALUE for this world, and thus it is little wonder why they are some of the richest men on this planet.

What are your thoughts?
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    Focus, vision and GRIT!
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    We all have give different meaning for success. Others call themselves successful if they can sleep at night and wake up without any worry. It's the simplest things that make them successful.
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    Success is a virtue
    Riches are its value

    You may be rich and not necessarily successful.
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    You just need to be passionate with what you are doing. Give it all you've got if you really want to succeed. No if's and but's.
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    The first step is being clear on what success means to you. Then it comes down to like you said VALUE. Provide value, work hard, be smart and you will achieve your goals.

    It's really simple. We already know all this. The hard part is actually the action part. This is where most of us procrastinate and give up. Fix this and anything is possible.


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    Success comes when you feel good. I mean have a positive mindset all the time. Don't let your bad thoughts even for a single time to let you down. That's it.


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    You have to experience failure to become successful. You have to know that not everything is in your control. Giving up should not be an option for you. Keep going.
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    Never let negativity overpower your emotions. Just keep a positive mindset. Never allow setbacks to make you feel like you're going nowhere. Use them as motivation to perform better.
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    Time travel with hypnosis and meet your new successful self in the future.
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    To become a successful: first it's to get out of this belief system from all: i.e: money, big house, big cars, luxury, women.
    Then it's to listen oneself and to feel really what we want in our life: yes it's can be that if you feel it but very often that's change of the "fake" vision received in our education.

    Regardless of who you are or what you have been, you can be what you want to be (W.Clement Stone).
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    Success is a mindset. To be successful, you have to have a success mindset. The short answer is that, know and believe you can and will be successful. Be determined and obsessed with success.
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    You are successful as long as you are doing what you want to do in life. If you aren't doing that then you are classified as a failure. There's nothing wrong with being a failure because everyone fails at something but, as long as you're trying to better your life then you are a success

    Success is a simple concept. It's just about achieving goals you set whether they are making dreams come true, making money, achieving financial freedom doing what you love, or making the world a better place. We are all successful and we are all failures. The key is to have more success than failure so you stay successful.

    I built isuccessful(dot)org so everyone who's trying to make their dreams come true can learn from the billionaires, millionaires and world changers who have. Don't work for a paycheck, work for everything you want in life.
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  • To become successful one must know how to treat other people fairly. They should not see their selves as above the others. They should see their selves just like any others.
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    being successful for me, is taking small steps everyday towards your desired outcome. To carry on pushing through failures and obstacles and not giving up
    Master these 4 easy manifestation techniques for free

    ~ Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid ~
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    Work for it and don't ever give up. Start at the lowest position and learn everything while climbing the ladder of various jobs position.
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  • You can follow these thoughts to become a successful person :

    1.)To become a successful person you need to set your goals.
    2.)Be positive in your thoughts as your imagination will leads you to success mantra.
    3.)Dream as much as you can because if you can dream it you can do it.
    4.)Do things according to you as what you can do it now you will reveal it in future.
    5.)Don't Expect too much as expectations leads to disappointments.
    6.)Don't think always about success do things that will take to you success as success will hugs you in private and failure always slaps you in public..
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    Everyone I work with I tell the same thing - like many of you here.

    Success literally means something different for each of us. To help figure out what success means to you try taking some quiet time and envision if this were a perfect world and you got everything you wanted. What is the number one thing you want? Then build from there to create your "meaning" to success.

    It takes a lot of discipline, sacrifice and commitment to see success in our lives, no matter what the definition, because what got us to where we are now is NOT the same things that will get us to where we want to be!
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    To become successful the first thing you should do is "SET GOALS".
    Setting goals makes you WORK HARD and STAY FOCUSED.
    Be committed to those goals or dreams you have dreamed of and
    always help others and pass on that knowledge so that others can also
    benefit from it.

    Dawood Khan
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    Different people give different meaning to the word success. Starting from the simplest up to the most extravagant form of success. Calling ourselves successful depend upon the goals that we set. If we are able to accomplish them then we can call ourselves successful.
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