Why Systems Work Better Than People And Even Motivation To Make $ Online

by amuro
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From time to time, I see many of my Warrior friends posting videos from Will Smith in Pursuit Of Happyness and Rocky Balboa.

Here is what I think.

While those videos are motivational, they only make you feel good inside temporary.

But if your bank account is still the same and decreasing due to bills and daily expenses, you can be back to square one.

Or Square Zero I now redefined as.

Truth is -

WITHOUT the right system, you will fail and could take a long time if you are slow learner and have to depend on yourself.

You might have heard this saying:

Systems Work,
People Fail.

If you want to be successful, you learn from people who are successful in what you want to achieve.

Not just those who achieve financial success but those who are friendly, caring and willing to guide and motivate you.

Because it is from those people you are able to develop a positive mindset, the right system and -

Better Life.
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    I partly agree with you and partly don't.

    While it is true that only watching motivational videos is not enough to change your life, but they do evoke the fire to take action.
    If you allow your actions to be driven by that fire, then surely you can get results.

    As you say, systems are important. But not mandatory. It depends on which area one wants to be successful.

    You can get motivated and take actions in the area of your passion which could be music. You practice hard and become a singer. That would give you the feeling of being successful.

    I feel increased bank balance is the secondary thing. First and foremost, you must have the feeling of being successful. That can be done even at an individual level itself. You do not require a workable system.
    Is there any area of your life where your need help??

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  • I absolutely agree with your last statement. "Because it is from those people you are able to develop a positive mindset, the right system and -Better Life." That's why we have to choose carefully the people we put on our circle.
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