Being Healthy is part of living Wealthy.

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Health, is the aspect that I would like to present to your attention.
To experience your life brighter & vividly, allocate a good amount of your time to your health. Succeeding with the actions of your mind & physical body is what you do. More success is what a healthy life can bring. Aspects such as "having more energy" come with being healthy.

Awesome diet, yoga & quick exercise is how I cultivate health for myself. Big part of my personal wealth is being healthy & fit. Many awesome & exciting aspects of life it influences in an awesome way.

The computer usage is a big part of our lives. Be more attentive to your healthy self & allow some time for daily exercise. Huge boost in productivity you'll see. Brighten up your day with some stretching, yoga & a nice healthy snack.

Have a wonderful time guys. Wish you well in your projects.
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    it is ture that most of the people with high incomes and a good amount of wealth are also much healthier than those who have lower incomes..though you do get very rich people with drug habits that mess their health up ..

    there is a more personal view of healthy today because based on genetics..and real age .. and stress level..what you eat ..and how you work out .. will have a different effect on you than most other people ..

    if you are really healthy and well nourished should not need a solid 8 hours sleep every night ..if you are eating fruits and hydrated foods don't need to drink that much water unless you are sweating a lot ..

    internet marketing or other gigs ..give you a lot more power over what you can do to take care of your health than most peopl with jobs have
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      Thanks for your reply Odahh.
      What you've written is a bit difficult to understand to I.

      As for the water intake, the latest I check it's 3.7 liters for males & 2.7 liters for adult females.

      With the help of the internet & books available at public libraries, just about anyone can easily create a healthy diet for themselves. As easy as a diet, daily routine of exercise can be followed by anyone.

      I lie on marketing forums. Social media is for fun, pics & hook ups.

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    I understand this post, just couple of weeks ago I learnt about intuition in understanding your body and what it wants. This is definitely a critical component for success.
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      Originally Posted by Duncan93 View Post

      I understand this post, just couple of weeks ago I learnt about intuition in understanding your body and what it wants. This is definitely a critical component for success.
      intuition and observation.. understand when your body is telling you what it needs ..

      a true healthy diet has a wide verity of foods and even some so called unhealthy foods in small amounts ..and some healthy food actually may be unhealthy if consumed too often ..our modern diets tend to have a very narrow range of plant and animal types..with the bulck of our calories not having much nutrient density ..

      we eat to replenish our bodies nutrients and vitamins..the less food you have to eat to do that the healthier you will be
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    Truly health is wealth. If you have a healthy a body you can think logically. Don't forget to be healthy not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. Great mind comes with a healthy body.
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