how to get success in our everyday life

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Many people does things without zeal and enthusiasm. Can anyone tell me, what are the different ways to get success in whatever we have.
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    Different ways? What ways do you want? It all depends on how you define success. Everyone's definition will be different. Some people wants to make a million dollar, some people just want to make enough, and some other people feel successful as long as they are living each day. It all comes down to you..

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    Everyone has their own definition of success. Some call themselves successful based on accomplishment of simple things while others based their success on living an extravagant and luxurious life. Define first what you want to achieve and you can call yourself successful by then.
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    For Successful Life we set the target goals and find ways for handle the targets then we can get success.
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    for successful life we chose the target so first chose and than achieve
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    i vwill answer by restating the title ..

    how do you live every day to be successful in life ..

    because success is a moving target people can tell you if they have been successful or are working toward success .. but there are between 7-8 billion people on this planet ..and people in china may have a different concept of success from people in India ..who also have a different idea of succes from people in Europe ..who diifer on that idea depending on what country you are in in europe..and they all have a different idea of success from americans ..or people in the USA ..

    now it is very hard to achieve success in anything without a solid understanding of what you think success will be for you ..
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    Thanks for this thread,
    To be successful, you need to be in relationship with the success: to cultivate your burning desire, to make all actions and very often to make sacrifices too.
    With a time you get some results that you make you happy, but if it's not that you want, you can change again ;-)
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    the different way from doing things without enthusiasm is doing the thing you love. that is easy to said than done. we all have the carrier we love to do deep down in our mind, but sometimes our circumstance does not allow us to do it. so we must set it as a goal, and then set out the step we need to take to get there. then you will have a list of things you NEED to do. of course, some of it you don't like, but it is different this time because you do it as a step to get to your goal instead of just doing it for money. when you see as a step to reach your goal, you will have the enthusiasm to do it.
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