How to find an ideal partner for your Business Hunger Games

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Hi, warriors!
I would like to share with you a great story of a real person - Max Krukovsky CEO of Mavitech.
Once he told me "A leopard cannot change it spots at will but you are free to pick which leopard to deal with. Get the one with fewer spots or simply the better tamed one."
Being an entrepreneur for last 4 years Max is sharing his view on an ideal business partner and working out a five-step strategy how to find one. I won't give the whole story (if you like it, you can read it on his website); I would share with you the most important part and wonder if you feel the same about that business ethic rules or totally not agree.

1) First off, be a pro in what you do. Be alert and ready for business networking anytime. Begin with talking extremely polite on the phone, the caller could be your next business partner. Attend conferences, link with people from the outside world. Create business partnership that is flourishing and thriving, never skip a chance to build yet another connection.

2) Always remember, people will treat you exactly the way you are treating them. If you are grateful and polite, they will respond accordingly. Mirror neurons stay in our brain forever and are not likely to change the way they function now or in a couple of decades. Do uphold your morals and values and people you are dealing with will do the same. Create your own world of awesome business ethic and live by its rules.

3) Be aware of different psychological types people have and the more you know about them the easier you will be recognizing what your partners type is. There are extroverts and introverts, cholerics, phlegmatics, sanguinics, and melancholics. Each of the types needs specific approach, strike the right note! As the proverb has it, forewarned is forearmed. Trust me, it will be much easier to understand your business partner and this simple advice might save you millions of useful neuron connections and what is more important it will save you time.

4) Stalk on your partners activity. Stalking people is illegal but creating a cyber portfolio on the businesses you are likely to work with is not a bad idea. You could start with tracking the company via social networks, like the posts they come up with on the Facebook page or the articles they publish via LinkedIn. Once you have a chance to talk business face to face, let the company representative know that you will be making inquiries about their business. Take a look at their former employees, their current business partners or hire a professional to dig up on them. Do everything possible to make sure that the company is not planning to cart you off. Once you invest your own money, take care of it, it's not falling into your hands from the Tree Dollar. Trust but verify.

5) Always remember that if you were screwed once do not make it the story of your professional business life. You create a new business partnership pretty soon. Be sensible, if any of your partners cheated, did not act professionally, caused problems, or even threw you into a financial debt, do not try to find excuses.

What do you personally think? Do your partners make you nuts? Waiting for you comments!
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    Hey, thanks for your thread ;-)

    It's the good way to exchange and to keep a good relationship in the long term ; I had always taken care of my attitude with people and the result is always positive.
    So it's understandable.
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      Do you personally agree with quote "Do not try to find excises"? That's the only doubt I have, because I used to give people a second chance. Always.
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    We definitely have to master what we do. It is our work and the only way to do great work is to love it and learn to become a specialist in it.

    The 3 INSANELY Effective Methods To Achieve Your Goals, GO HERE.

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      Totally agreed! And of course to appreciate people around us
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