The habit of the additional actions

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Jim Rohn have said "My father taught me to always do more than you get paid for as an investment in your future."
In my opinion, that's allow to get a good habits and take care in our actions.

What do you think?
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    The mindset of employee is " pay me more than i will do more ". before, it sounds reasonable to me enough. but nothing is further from true. employers always believe that they will give you more money only when your performance is getting better and when you benefit the company more and more.

    so although To do more than you are paid for is a very conflict idea to most employee believe, but somehow this is a way toward success for sure.

    on top on doing more, you also need to know what to do more. don't just think that staying late and arrive early is enough. we are talking about result here. bring in more result. so you must become more and more efficient through time because we only have 24h a day only. so you will need to keep investing in yourself, keep learning, keep updating yourself.

    and if you are working as an employee and you really love what you are doing, and you are increasing your result every month, bear in mind that you need to invest more time in yourself to create streams of passive income as well. this is important because it will give you the financial freedom which will in return free you to do what you really love.

    so keep investing in yourself, and always do more than you are paid for.
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