Without this you might as well go Home and call it a wrap with IM

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Just something quick here. And this applies to Internet Marketing and pretty much transcends all facets of Life.

The other day I was working on a new Sales Page and was really working hard and motivated right up til I went to bed.

Well the excitement continued throught the Night as I woke up and ran to my Computer to right down a few morw lines of Copy that had come to Mind between streams of consciousness during sleep.

Fast forward to a few days later, I woke up and just felt uninspired. It was weird.

But me knowing better than to listen to this momentarily complacently taking over my Mind and Psyche I pushed through and accomplished a lot that day.

My point is this : One ( notice how I said ONE) HUGE key to Success in IM is to be Motivated, Driven, and Focused even when you do not FEEL Motivated, Driven, and Focused.

Listen, there are a very select Minority ( i have read about them lol) that get up every single day pumped up and ready to Crush it over and over without a single blip. EVER !!

But most of us regular humans we go through times where we are NOT this way , whether it be
biological ( serotonin or Dopamine levels, who knows ? ) or something spiritual or just our general personality.

Learning to work and push through these lulls and the Peaks and Valleys is a must. .( Particularly if you are paying the rent and keeping the kids fed this way) That's bottom line !!
If you cannot learn this kind of Discipline and Skill you might as well call it a day

- Robert Andrew
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    Great insight Robert.

    I think some people are drawn to Internet business because they think being their own boss lets you "get away" with goofing off when you should be working - or taking vacations whenever the mood suites you.

    These lapses of motivation and drive might be OK once-in-a-while after you have a profitable and well-oiled money making system in place and functioning. But until that time, you have to consider that you are the business and if you're not there working on it - no one is going to step in for you to give you a break.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Robert, your post is so true!

    It makes me think of the old quote, "Money Follows Speed"

    The moment you have your big idea, jump on it and attack it with everything you've got. Don't wait for perfection, it'll never come. Just get out there and do it!

    Thanks for your post!
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    Yes!Be focused, keep learning and keep taking action by having one personal goal that you see every morning before doing the activities. Thanks for sharing
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    You are so right, motivation is key. Sometimes I'm feeling really lazy and getting over that lump on a log feeling is the hardest part. Having no boss means you have to have your own motivation and IM isn't for everyone.
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    This applies to any other endeavor as well. IM is competitive and may get frustrating at times, but it always pays to be a winner ;-)
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    Also, need to stay up to date on most recent developments in IM that will keep you sharp and excited, more competitive. Knowledge is power
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    This is especially true for us self-employed people. We need to work and stick to our work schedule no matter how we feel. For those who are just starting on working online compared to working traditional brick-mortar jobs, your WILL and POSITIVE ATTITUDE to stick to this business will be tested by family and friends who are more comfortable with you working on a more secure job. Keep believing that working on your OWN BUSINESS is worth it. Respect your business by demanding a strong work ethic from yourself.
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