Why Things Don't Manifest for you

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What you want, you made up in your head. What you want is a fantasy. So if what you want does not fully materialize (it always materializes a bit), then is that bad? You made it up?

The fact that anything you want happens is a bonified miracle. Begin celebrating what you do manifest and even more will happen.

Manifesting results from nothing to something is not something you "do". It's a set of conditions you cultivate. When speaking about the miraculous, Dr. David Hawkins says, "It is an eventuality brought into actuality by the removal of the impediments of negativity".

In other words, remove the negativity and miracles start to happen. Try it, you'll be amazed.
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    Nicely spoken. Remove the negativity but stay grounded.
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    Just like when I start my day with a bad feeling, a negative feeling then it will manifest in my day's experience. That is why I want to wake up and start my day with some good thoughts or good news maybe.
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    I have to agree with this. The power of the mind is truly under rated and under used.
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    As with most people, manifesting what I want in life is quite often front and center in my mind, emotions, life. I've worked with my guides, I've read many books, I've taken seminars; just about anything, I've tried it. So here I am, where I am today.

    As I look back over a number of years I can see where so much of what I've wanted to manifest is here. Now, sometimes not in the volume I'd like, sometimes it comes in at the last minute or very randomly. But when I consider my life as a whole I find I truly have manifested what I need. In addition there are many things I've manifested that I never specified, yet it's had a hugely stabilizing affect on my life.
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    That was so inspiring. Mind power is so much more powerful that what we thought. Read think and grow rich and you'll find out more. In fact, sex can be one source of great power too. Truly miraculous!

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    My basic character is under estimating myself..
    While attending competitive exams,While attending interviews etc..
    My friends and parents frequently ask me to quit this bad character..
    I tried alot and finally I found that removing negativity from us will surely lead to good confidential life..
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    I agree with everyone posts here. The mind and subconscious is very powerful.

    "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford

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