My Goal, My Dream and My Ambition

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Hey folks,

Firstly, I don't know where I should place this thread but I think I should put it here to help to motivate some marketers. The purpose of this post is to talk about my dreams, goals and my ambition -- which I hope will motivate some of the marketers here. (Mod, if you think this post should be deleted, feel free to do so)

Some of you might know me and some of you might not. Those who do, you will know I am just 18 year old. When I was 15 year old, I was reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad (not a big deal) and I knew I need to avoid the rat race.

At that same year, I have a new teacher that came in for another teacher in my high school. She asked everyone ONE simple question, "What is your ambition?"

Everyone around me said:
- Engineer
- Chef
- Businessman/woman
- Lawyer (or attorney)
- Accountant

But I stood up and said, "I wanna be like Corey Rudl". Back then, Corey influenced me big time and by following his course, I was able to change my life drastically.

When I was young, I always thought I will grow up, get a MBA, try to get a job with one of the Forbes 500 companies, get big paychecks per month and then get a good life. That was my goal.

2005 is a year that changed me.

I was literally clueless about SEO, HTML or heck, I don't even know what is the meaning of "propagating". I took those "small steps" and bravely walk through all the trials and errors (my biggest error was losing $500 in PPC).

The biggest challenges were:

- Time (school, sports, social life bla bla bla)
- Computer (was using an old windows 95...not joking)
- Parents (discouraging me and told me that there's no way the internet is a profitable business even until now...)

And let me tell you, there's nothing tougher for me than these three challenges.

And when my peers and parents laugh at me when I said I want to be like Corey Rudl -- I just kept quiet and keep the ambition to myself -- while working every single midnight (I was sleeping just 4 to 5 hours during school weeks just to do IM stuff) so that I can be the next Corey Rudl.

Fast forward till today, I am still having the same challenges (except the computer one ) and yet it didn't stop me from wanting to become Corey Rudl.

My goal is not really to have a lot of money or what. My goal is to have a life exactly like Corey Rudl. (not the money)

I know in life, there's a lot of things that might be blocking your path to success such as:

- bills
- kids
- spouse
- technology issues

but if a 15 year old can do it -- so can you. Don't let me laugh at you for not being more successful than me.

The secret is to find someone to model after. For me, I chose Corey Rudl and forever I will remember him. If you don't know who to model after, pick one of those million dollar gurus. And then, always work hard (and smart) to be just like the guru you chose.


P.S. This is a real story of my life: a 15 year old kid from Malaysia (country with probably the worst internet connection in the world) who dreams beyond the limit.

P.S.S. Hope you find this useful.
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    It's almost the same here too Des, I am just like you.

    You are not the worst. It's me.
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    Very inspirational Desmond - I am really glad to hear that 15 year olds can think like you. And now, at 18, you are a bit of an old hand (lol). I hope lots of young people read your post and emulate your attitude.

    Good luck,

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    Very nice, I know what you are talking about. The biggest problem is when everybody is saying you can't do that, "it's not possible..." especially your family and friends. For me this forum is very useful because people here have the same goals and believe in success in IM. It is possible, just don't give up and be smart.
    Hard work always pays off.
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