How do I limit time spent in front of PC (and other screens)?

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Hi! I have a problem I hope you can help me with. I need to limit time spent in front of computer screen, my eyes don't like it. How do I do so? I'm 19, going to uni in Dec. The first in the morning I do is learning French - what suit me the best in a computer program course, I find it very effective. Apart from this (I spend like ~5h a day learning French using this computer program), I'm learning about investing and stock market. I use my PC to trade, to do research and to learn about stock. I try to spend as much of my free time as possible to passive-learning French, so I often watch cartoons, french movies etc (not advanced enough to read books). In meantime I often check my to do list, which is digital, do a lot of research about various topics, etc.

The result? In fact, I spend 90% of my time in front of a computer. The point is I don't find this time "wasted", I'm not playing games or scrolling Facebook the whole day, so it's hard for me to cut off / limit some of the activities I listed above.

How do I limit my PC time without heavily descreasing my learning / research capabilities? As productive as I'm trying to be, most of my "productivity activities" require PC. Result? My eyes are redder than I would like to.
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    if you are sitting in front of a computer that much you are possibly causing long term damage to your body ..i know cause i did ..

    honestly find a hoby that gets you talking to people and away from the screen for a bit can burn out is you do not give your mind time to recover and digest information
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    hey there

    Have a daily routine!
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    Try starting an offline business if money is still something important for your time.
    There are a few niches that go well as an offline business model - so focus time on that.

    What is most important for you is to learn when to turn off the monitors and appreciate quiet and peace. I often sit in front of a 73 inch TV in my living-room and watch the black screen - soothing I must add.

    Delegate - hire VA's, automate and WALK AWAY!

    See you at the pool buddy!
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    Well first you need to cut down on distractions while you're working on your computer.By distractions I mean wasting time on Facebook,Youtube clips , movies etc. Second , work around a place where there is a good view outside and a perfect amount of daylight. It will put less strain on your eyes and keep your mind refreshed. Do your work as if you're doing a billable project which is hourly. It means that you will only get paid when you complete your target within a specific time. For you a reward can be scrolling through your Facebook's newsfeed or a walk around your work place. I hope it helps.

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    You've basically gotta get more efficient & more productive to reduce your time but still get your work done.

    Blocking out studying periods I've found works. Different people use different times. I've found 40 50 60 or even 75mins works for me depending on the day.

    Then a break for 15 to 20 minns where you're not staring at a screen.

    Tasks expand to the allotted time given bud. So give whatever task you're doing a set amount of time so as not to go over just cos you have the time available.

    Good luck! Cheers.
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  • To limit my screen time I use the Pomodoro time management technique. Work for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. During my 5 minute break I go outside or do some chores. That way my eyes get to rest and my house is a bit more organized.
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      Originally Posted by John Jonas Phil VA View Post

      To limit my screen time I use the Pomodoro time management technique. Work for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. During my 5 minute break I go outside or do some chores. That way my eyes get to rest and my house is a bit more organized.
      Same. I do that pomodoro productivity technique too since I work as a writer/blogger. In my case, however, I try to complete as much work as possible until I get mildly tired (takes about 45 minutes), THEN I stop and grab a drink of water, or I lay down on my bed for a few minutes.
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    Anything we want to do we need to find some motivation to do it. All it takes is knowing how to channel our mind and our focus to create what we want.

    Where you need to do is find something that's more motivating to you in terms of pleasure than what the computer is giving you.

    The biggest problem I'm betting is there is nothing outside that really thrills or excites you, where you're so excited you can't wait to get up in the morning and go do it.

    Think about what would really get you excited, and what would really send you home at the end of the day with a smile on your face.

    Sounds like what you're looking for is happiness, and you're not sure where to find it.
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    Instead of learning French more than 5 hours everyday using a computer, try an audio book. Rest your eyes and learn the language a few days a week through auditory learning.

    While doing computer research also look away from the screen or look up when you are not reading anymore and just thinking.

    It's also healthy to go outside and take a walk even just for a few minutes everyday and for your eyes to look at longer distances.
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