I'm a starter, not a finisher....(how'd you get over?)

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So as you might expect - I start projects get really excited about them. Then 3 months later, or 3 days later (yuck), I'm over the initial idea and on to the next one.

Usually I'm prompted to move on by a molehill that looks like a mountain at the time.

I post this now because I need advice - had a great idea a year or so ago, did nothing with it - the great idea came back to me again and I've gotten so excited that I've put the site up but I can't shake the feeling I will be distracted by a squirrel - shinny object or a molehill doing a mountain impression before I put the effort in needed to succeed.

My question for those who have been through similar circumstances and still made it through to success is - how did you force yourself to move forward?

[FYI - my idea is in the health/nutrition niche and I'll leave it at that in case you were wondering. It's niche enough that I'd rather not share with a gaggle of marketers - but thanks for asking]
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    Hi there, well my personal experience comes down to two things:
    1. Firstly, after going through all of the ups and downs, I understood the huge importance of simply making your first ONE DOLLAR online. Until I achieved this I was drifting somewhat, I had big moment of clarity and big moments of indecision. But when I put something into practise 100% and made that first sale... holy sh!t I was totally hooked. My motivation went through the roof and I made that niche my slave. At the end of the day it ended up paying for my mortgage on a monthly basis, and the whole thing has been one of the best experiences of my entire life;
    2. My own chosen path initially was to create a digital product on a subject I knew a lot about, which was Online Gaming. I chose a very, very small niche and owned it. I created a website, video program and mailing list... starting from knowing absolutely zero. It took me close to a year, but every single second was worth it.

    I only know what works for me, and I know it can work for anyone who has even a sliver of specialised knowledge and the desire to help other with that specific knowledge. Leverage that knowledge into a digital product like I did, it WILL take time, but get it going and just make that first sale. Build your mailing list and follower base on social media in the mean time while you build your product, and I'm sure you'll see some success.

    I know I've thrown a LOT of different concepts at you in the above info, but I'm happy to help out anytime. Please feel free to PM me with any questions and I'll take the time to help you out as best I can.

    Good luck with your project!
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    One approach . . . find someone who's a finisher and not a starter, and work with them !

    Or start the project, and outsource all the work so it gets done without you.

    Note that the cycle is really Start, Change, Stop, and most personalities will be better at one of those than the other 2. So maybe find 2 other people to work with, or sell the concept itself as a WSO without having to do more than a bit of testing to see that it works.

    There's always a way to get things done, and there's always a way to fail. It depends which you CHOOSE

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    If you are not finishing then chances are you are not that passionate about the subject.
    Find something that you are indeed passionate about and it will increase chances of sticking with it.
    Also don't forget to read self improvement and motivational books a few minute each day. Over time you will be amazed at how far from where you were you have moved.
    You will have an increased sense of accountability and responsibility to finish what you start.
    You can be a finisher if you decide to become a FINISHER.
    Empowering Internet Marketing Success!
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    The difference for me about the stuff I finish or get done and those that I leave undone is whether or not I made a PLAN/SCHEDULE to finish it.

    If i don't give myself weekly/monthly progress goals, reviews, and a final deadline, it means the project is not important that's why I don't finish it.

    I also finish projects which I approach professionally, meaning I think of it as 'my work' or 'my business' and not just something to 'kill time'.

    This is hard because you don't have an external boss pressuring you. So pressure comes from my reminding myself of the "costs" for not getting the project done, such as delay in earning income, or delay in providing more for my family.
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