What Are They Saying About You?

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Do you know what people are saying about you?

I want you to understand something.

It might actually be difficult to explain, however, it's very important.

But before I tell you...

Let me ask you something else...

Do you trust testimonials?

Like on a sales page?

Or do you just roll your eyes when you see them?

If you've got nothing else going on for you, at the very least, you've gotta have some testimonials.


A lot of people, in my opinion, do it all wrong.

Look, if you're out there asking for your clients and customers for their feedback and it ends up being positive, of course you want to bottle that up, preserve it and display that to your public.

However, you can actually augment and make your testimonials WAAAAYYY more powerful if you know how.

When I teach my coaching students how this is done, they're dumbfounded that this isn't stark obvious because the way it works is kind of always in our face.

It's the default way we want to see these testimonials, believe it or not.

Back to my original question...

You should always keep tabs on what folks are saying about you, what they tell others about you and how you're being perceived, in general, to the market place.

Remember, you're not infallible, so don't think you're ever too good to improve.

Once you do that, that's when you've failed.

That's when it ends.
However, on the bright side, if you know deep inside your heart that you provide the highest level of service to your ideal types of clients and you have the results and feedback to prove it, then that type of feedback tells you, you are on the right track.

Everyone else that hates on you because you didn't do for them what you've done for the people that have invested and committed to working with you...those folks shouldn't matter.


They're not paying your bills.

They're not looking for an equitable exchange of value.

They're looking for handouts.

They're looking to take.

Neglect them.

Exclude them from your focus.

Ignore them (yes I said this shit 3 times, basically).

Focus on the ones who appreciate what you do.

Focus on the ones that invest in you.

And always, always, always show your commitment and gratitude for them.

They'll tell the world.

Agree Or Is your way better?


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    I do agree. There is always something to develop.
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    Love what you said about how to treat haters and naysayers : "They should not matter because they are not paying your bills."
    But what if they are family? You can't ignore them but you can't give in to their fears either.

    I have some friends who earned great income from network marketing despite their spouses and friends initially being against it because they thought those types of businesses were a scam.
    But after maintaining a stable and six-figure income business for more than 5 years, those naysayers became her loudest supporter.
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    After reading your post, will make sure to ask my clients to give me a review every time I finish a project. Many are repeat customers so I assume they are satisfied. But what if there are some areas of my services that they find lacking, or some jobs I can do are being passed to other online marketers because they 'assumed' I was not an expert on them?
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    The more successful you become the more people will "hate" you. It's all part of the process.

    : )
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Too many people I think are more than happy to accept the praise but are very reluctant to hear the criticism, even more so with constructive criticism. Personally, I would have more respect for a seller/provider of a product or service if they were more than happy to post mixed reviews/testimonial on their sales pages.


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    I appreciate constructive criticism.
    What other people think of me is none of my business.
    I give 100% to all paying clients and those who can't or won't hire me can go elsewhere and pay the peanuts and hire the monkeys.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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  • Originally Posted by focusedlife View Post

    Focus on the ones who appreciate what you do.

    Focus on the ones that invest in you.

    And always, always, always show your commitment and gratitude for them.

    They'll tell the world.

    I agree, 100%. Focus and invest on people, partners and customers that appreciate what you do and want you to do better. They provide feedback to help, not to hurt. Complements are great but feedback is necessary in helping you figure out what else you can to do be more competitive.
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    Yes, and the ones that pester you (especially if they're not even paying you)....just repel those people as fast as you can or they will sap ALL of your energy.
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