The Biggest Key I've Found To Making It In Life And Business!

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Many of us want to make money online. We all dream of the day we'll be able to do the things we want to. Dreams of taking our families on exotic vacations. The types of vacations that people will envy you for. The dream of being able to buy anything your heart desires. The best
part of the dream, is having the freedom of time to do the things that you want to.

This is the dream that we all have when we're trying to make some money online. The problem is that when we are trying to build our online businesses we forget the most important principle of building a strong business.

We get so caught up in doing things only for the money, that we forget the most important part of making that money in the first place. The more I learned about running online businesses the more I started to see that I have been missing the most important part of making any business work.

I forgot.....

I was dealing with real breathing humans that had problems and fears and things that kept them up at night. I started to learn a lot more about this after I started learning copywriting and the art of persuasion. I started to see that it is not just about getting somebody to spend money on something that you are offering but that you actually have to do this one this.

Now I know that you might be wondering what this one thing is and when I tell you what this one thing is you will be telling me that it just can't be that simple. I am telling you that it is.

The one principle that I am talking about is Putting People Before Yourself

The more that I work online and understand online business and business in general the more that I see that this is the truth. I swear once you begin to understand the amount of power in putting people first the amount of money that you can make will go up.

When starting out online the only thing that most people are thinking about are the amount of money that they can get from the people that will see their offer, when what you should be thinking about is what can you do to give the people the best offer that they can get.

You should be thinking about the value that you can bring to people. Value is the only currency that matters on the internet. When you understand this you can have any amount of money that you want.

It all starts with a simple shift in your mindset. Start thinking about how you could help people. What can you do to give the most value when they interact with you. What can you do that will enable you to create a real connection with that customer.

When you start putting people first you life will also begin to change. You will start to see opportunities begin opening up that you never saw before.

Your bank account is determined by the amount of value that you are able to deliver to the people and the lives that you come into contact with.

I know that this post might be a bit long now, but this is something that I have started to see is more true each day that I work online. Give people value and you will get more in return.

At first if you have to fake it then you will have to fake it but once it becomes something that you are you will start to see some massive things happening in your life that you never thought you would have.

This is the one secret that I have learned from many of the other successful people in life. If you really think about it anything in this life that many people buy or use is the things that give them the most value in their life.

Figure out how you can give people more value first and the money will come after. I know some people will not like to hear this because all they want to talk about are the different way that they can make money online.

Understand this and the amount that you will be able to make is only limited to the amount of value that you will be able to deliver.

Take care.
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  • My key is hypnosis. I saw a dramatic shift in consciousness. Glad you've found yours because being locked out of your potential, is not the way to go.
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    From dusk till dawn, you will be in trance.

    No worries, from now on you will be living... a dream world.
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    Brilliant! I remember once Ziglar explaining:

    in order to get what you want you must first help enough other people get what they want.

    That resonated so much with me cos i was once so selfishly driven. It literally changed my outlook forever on business.

    Good share! thanks for the write up
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    "Give people more value first and the money will come after."
    In a network marketing business or for a blogger this also translates to "Work hard now, so you don't have to work hard later." This means that through the power of compound effect, the same effort you do right now will yield exponential results later.

    So don't give up. Don't think that it is unfair that in the early stages of your business you are earning so little for such amount of work. Stay consistent. Be persistent in giving value and your hard work will pay off. Aside from building income, you would also be building a wealth of personal relationships because you are consistently providing value to others. The latter is the most rewarding of all!
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