Speed matters in life and business, and this factor speeds it up more

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Have you ever looked back a few years before and thought "If I have done that years back, by now, I would have created something big like ABC or XYZ company is doing now."

Ouch, it does hurt, doesn't it?

Windows of opportunities may have passed us many times these years and we might have missed some of the boats that could have brought us to a destination of greener pastures.

But it's all right...as long as we are still living, still able to be creative, still able to have confidence in ourselves, we still have the same opportunities as before or in the future.

Speed might matter a whole lot in our lives and business, speed in getting things done, speed in getting products up, speed in serving our customers, speed in making money to make sure it comes in faster than expenses rising, speed in being fruitful in our work, speed in able to still provide time for our families amidst our busy daily lives...

Add in confidence, not procrastinating too much, not reading into things too much, be on your toes and get things doe because you know you are willing to take the chance, invest that few dollars, that big stake or that enormous leap of faith...

Because without confidence in ourselves, what we believe in life, the values, what we know we can achieve with our skills and years of experience... no matter how fast we go, it might come to a halt.

A lack of confidence means suddenly pressing the brakes when it's time to make that important jump.

A lack of confidence means doubting yourself that you can ride that bike up that steep slope...the only way to go over that steep slope is not by going at the same speed as you were going, you might need that enormous kickstart boost of speed as you begin to cycle that steep task...

Have the confidence, boost that speed, don't pause, if you know you got it, just do it.

All the best my friends, bros and sis. Power to your week ahead.
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    I'm a couch potato but love speed. I think many will agree with this statement.
    I love getting in trance just by hearing you talk
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    In an online business not all marketing campaigns will work and your self-confidence will also help you move forward and not to take screw-ups personally, or to beat yourself up for mistakes. Confidence is important in monetizing your blog or selling your services.
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    Competence is the most effective confidence builder. So in life and business choose to FOCUS instead of dabbling on several things. Seek to gain advanced knowledge in one (or few select) areas of online business/marketing first before moving on to the next. Aside from speed and confidence, try focusing your speed on one direction.
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    Yep! Money loves speed. But we must go at a speed which is functional to us.

    Going faster will only result in us falling over & causing damage.

    If you're going to do a task take 90% to prepared for it then smash it out with 10% actions.

    That 10% will be so effective & powerful things will happen like we can't believe!

    But, take the time. The tortoise beat the hare.

    Work hard & work smart but don't over do it or you'll burn out & hate this business instread of successfully buidling something powerful & worthwhile.
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