Why You Should Fight Your Own Battles.

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Every day we live we are met with challenges that we have to deal with, some small and some huge that make our day or week difficult. For us to overcome those challenges so that we can move on with our lives we have to learn how to fight them. The best way to do it is by yourself, putting trust on someone else it can be your close friends, family or someone you trust can lead to disappointments.

Having too much trust on people to help you will only slow you down and create more enemies. What you should know is that other people also have their own battles to fight and even though they say yes in helping you, you should not believe them.

Follow These Steps on Fighting Your Battles

1. Know Your Challenges.
2. Know who is involved.
3. Always have a backup plan.
4. Believe In Yourself.

There is no reward that is more satisfying than the reward you get from fighting your own battles.

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    yes and-
    you can NEVER know WHO will help you when needed. Very often it is not your best friend, but a person you barely know...

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