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Is there such thing as a "Perfect Life"? I always think that there is a balance to the life that we are living. If you are very successful there is something missing in your personal life like love life. If you are happy with your love life there is a failure in your career. So, what do you think? Do you have a perfect life?
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    I disagree with you Jack. A belief I have is that you should work on all 3 areas of life: Health, Wealth and Relationships. It is hard to define which is more important than the other as they are all equally important. Without one of these areas it is a big hole in your life. I believe every one has the perfect life, it is just what they do with it and whether they can always improve themselves to become 'their best self'. I disagree because I don't believe that EVERYONE who is wealthy has no love life, I don't believe everyone who is in love suffers from their financial success.

    I think it's important to stay strong, focused and improving so that you can really genuinely get each area of your life sorted.

    Interesting post though Jack,

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    Life is definitely a balancing act. One answer to the question you pose is that the perfect life is a life that is in balance. That does not mean that you are equally successful in all aspects of your life, but that the balance you have achieved is the one that is right for you. For some people that means an emphasis on financial success, for others another area is more important. For most of us, it probably means a comfortable combination.

    Despite the myths that some would have you believe, you can not have it all and you can not do it all. Success (and happiness) come from recognizing that there are limits and working within them. There are 24 hours in a day. Can't change that, but you can change how you use them. You can focus on your priorities and building YOUR perfect life, not someone else's idea of a perfect life.

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    hi from my ongle how I understand perfect life

    I see life is not to have matirial things and may this later disturbense your perfect life me I do give great importance to spiritual life sush as faith and happiness those thinga go hand in hand with good worke such as to help some one to get what he need when no one even sampathize with him yes sampthize is great deeds may thousand of poeple don't owe this great feeling

    isn't it ? this feeling will give birth in your spirit no one in the earth could give it to you

    so I advise to equilibrate between the spiritual and matirial to get at least suspense in your life to over come the ordeals that is the point

    thanks always yours,
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      Life does not mean the material things but its the combination of mental success.The people who are satisfy with their life, they are happy.Because they always want to live together and they share their problems with each and other.
      Life is not a bed of roses but we should face our problems bravely.
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    No reason why you can't have a great balance of the two.

    My life is perfect: work, friends, beer and sun
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    Perfect life for me is when you are successful and happy with your work, family who are all very supportive and love you, friends whose always there and a God whose always guiding you in every step of your way.
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      Thanks for all your posts. Each one has a great point of view and it made me realized that a perfect life is unique for every person. We can never give it a fix meaning.
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    There is no such thing as a perfect life, however how close you get to that is totally up to you.

    Taking action on the knowledge that you have is one of the things that you can do to get close to such a life
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    Taking about our human nature, we are generally not happy must of the time with what we have (that in some cases can be more than MOST people have) but it's not something bad in some cases if you find the correct balance.

    May be you're not happy with the money you have now, so you think you should start working a little harder but, what about your family? Will they still be happy ABOUT YOU and how you might be putting them aside to make money that you probably don't need THAT bad?

    What if you're single, you might get caught up in the making money influence and start becoming an addict thinkin all the time "I CAN DO MORE!!" are you gonna still feel happy when you achive your goals and don't have someone to share them with? You might be happy with what you've acomplished but not with who you are.

    So, BALANCE it's a key to find a perfect point in life where you can say I'm satisfy. You'll feel great if you see if you've give everything in your life the right spot and the right importance.

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    I beleive that each person builds his/her own life, own universe. And such life may be named as "perfect" when this very own universe goes smoothly along the surrounding world. It really doesn't matter whether we speak of our health, private affairs, business carrear or spiritual grouth. All it varies from person to person. But if your inner universe is "tuned" to what you want and can, well then such life may be called "perfect".
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    It's no fun if you have a perfect life, and there is no such thing of having one. Be contented of what you have and enjoy every bit of it.
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    Theres no such thing as a perfect life... A perfect life is what you perceive it to be, its not about having a successful career, having the love of your life etc..its about what you want out of life and doing the things that brings you joy and fulfilment.
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    Of course it is possible to pursue all three at the same time as all three affect each other in some way, either positively or negatively. It is important to understand that there are limits as to what you can as each have discretionary and non-discretionary e.g.

    1. Heatlh

    Non-Discretionary - those born with genetic dieases or a predisposition to diseases later on in life. A lot of these conditions cannot be prevented or treated by money.

    Discretionary - you can prevent a lot of disaeses by living a healthy lifestyle and/or have access to good medical care. Family support plays a very important role.

    Personal Relationships

    Non-discretionary - these would be your blood relatives i.e. parents, siblings, children, cousins etc. You cannot choose them and nor can they choose you. They can certainly cause you a lot of troublr.

    Discretionary - your spouse and friends. You choose them but they also choose you at the same time.


    Non-discreptionary - this would mainly be the gifts and talents you are born with, and also inheritance if any. Whether you like it or not, not everybody is born equal with regards to money making opportunity. For example, if you are a woman in a conservative tribe in Saudi Arabia, there is virtually no chance for you to do any business at all.

    Discreptionary - this is what you can do for yourself.

    I think it is very important to understand what your goals are and what your limitations are. Certainly in Hong Kong when I look at the our list of the top billionaires. It seems most have got very rocky personal lives with divorces and alleged suicide. Many of them do live alone in their old age.


    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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