Write Your Goals Everyday To Fuel You!

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Every single morning and every single night for the last 12 months or so I've been writing my goals down! I've also been writing them whenever I feel down or if I feel like I've lost focus on my purpose during the day.

The reason I write my goals down is because my goals excite me! They invigorate me! Feel me up with passion and power! My goals remind me what the hell I'm here on this planet for. Don't write your goals down just once or twice a year because somebody else told you so, that's just stupid! You want to be absolutely obsessed with your goals.

You write your goals down once or twice a year, I wake up with them and go to sleep with them 730+ times every year!

When I write my goals down I don't have some ready set of goals I just rewrite, I ask myself "what do I want to accomplish that would make me feel incredible right now" and I just write down whatever comes to mind! See, my goals change every day! Many of them stay the same, some of them change slightly and some change completely! This way I'm always aligned to my heart's desires and working towards my objectives!

Your goals change constantly because you change constantly! One day I might write down a new goal that I didn't even know I wanted to do!

For example just a week ago I've written the goal "I wrote a best-selling memoir that teaches people about my life and lessons", the goal showed up a few more times and slowly turned into "I wrote several best-selling books that completely changed people's lives"! (I'm almost halfway into finishing the book by the way).

Just to let you know, when I write goals, I don't write tiny goals for next year, I write MASSIVE, MONSTER goals that might take my entire life to accomplish! If you're not willing to aim high in your dreams what makes you think you'll act with the persistence and energy necessary for your dreams to even have the potential to exist?

Look man,

Anyone can become a millionaire by accident, luck or chance, but a billionaire? that shit was intentional.

Same with acting, you can be a B or C level actor for sure, all it takes is luck and persistence, but a blockbuster, one-of-a-kind make-the-fans-cry kind of actor that takes a decision.

Or maybe you want to be an athlete? Winning state isn't the olympics my friend.

So set your goals down every single day and make them as massive as you possibly can, what do you care? it's free! "Oh but I'll be disappointed", no you ******* won't! If you're already thinking of big goals, you'll much more likely be disappointed for not going after them, than reaching 50% of a billion sized target!

I write my goals down because everyone falls off their purpose, and when I fall off mine and start acting like a little bitch, I want to see my goals in front of my face and I want them to burn and pain me, calling me, until I'm ready to man up and pick up the sword again!

Another point is that many times life gets very complicated and demanding and we lose ourselves so-much in the day-to-day issues that we completely forget why we've started the path in the first place!

This happens more often than not because we're surrounded with people who stopped and quit, sometimes at a very high level, just to live a mediocre bland existence at best. You go to hollywood to become a famous actor and you end up becoming a waiter!

You go work at some major investing firm to learn about wall-street and become the big CEO you get stuck managing the papers division! Don't be these guys! Write your goals down to protect yourself!

Here is a list of the goals I wrote this morning, tell me this doesn't make you jacked up excited and ready to attack your own day! Imagine what'll happen when you start writing yours down every single day:
  • I'm traveling the world and enjoying every moment of it.
  • Me and Grant Cardone are best friends and meet often.
  • I met Tai Lopez and he helped me grow my business.
  • I gained 20 pounds of muscle and am at 8% bodyfat.
  • I make millions every day from deals, sales and investments.
  • I speak in-front of thousands of people once a week.
  • I have over 10 million YouTube subscribers.
  • I have over 100 million Instagram subscribers.
  • I have over $1 billion worth of investments that produce over 12% positive yearly cashflow.
  • I've written many books that changed people's lives.
  • I revolutionized the coaching industry with my formula approach to coaching.
  • I have a team of over 1,500 people around the world working for me.
  • My company generates over $1 billion in sales yearly.
  • I have a beautiful Lamborghini Aventador and Rolls Royce Ghost.
  • I gave my Mom $750,000 for everything she's ever done for me.
  • I helped my best friend become a famous hollywood actor.
  • I've done some side-parts on movies myself.
  • I helped over 100 million people improve their lives.
  • I'm part of the Hollywood-Vegas top-level celebrity clique.
  • I created so much wealth for myself that it cannot be destroyed.
  • I get excited all over again just writing these down! Don't you?

So write your goals down twice every single day, that's the only way to keep your eye on who you are and never miss the chance to slowly turn into who you were supposed to be, live a life or opportunity and courage, not fear and regret.

Be great.
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