Opensource Project for Server Monitoring

by Mp3Ora
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Hi everyone!

First of all i don't know if i am posting in right forum, if i am not please move to correct one!

From last 2 month i am working on a open source PHP Script, which monitor and track almost every needed feature on your server.

This Software/Script can monitor multiple server information like space, load, HDD, Resources, Latency, Network etc. and notify the user in case specified service down or server not responding!.

All important information can be track and store in database, also you can see in graphic chart for easy to understand!

This product required a MONITORING AGENT (Which i have write in Python). and its working very fine! Agent can be monitor most Linux based server (Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CoreOs etc).

More Detail can be found here:

I am planning to launch a fund rising campaign so i could collect enough fund to hire more developers for iPhone, Android APP and Web Development.

MY Question is that, Its a good idea to work on Open Source Projects? And specially this kind of project, which we know there is thousands of monitoring software area available!. If you think its Good and help 1000's (not 100's) peoples around the world please let me know!


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