Utilizing Speed in Goal Achieving

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Your ability to achieve your goals is directly proportional to your speed of production.

The faster you are able to take action the faster you'll achieve your goals, whether it's the speed of your reading, the rate you make sales calls, and the speed you accomplish your daily goals.

If I can accomplish my daily goals midway through the day, it means I can now set a higher level and intensity of daily goals which means I'll get more done.

You want to jump from task to task as-if your life depends on it. Add relaxation goals for later during the day so you maintain well-being as-well.

A single day of higher frequency and intensity of actions isn't much of a difference in the long-term. Consistent, long-term higher frequency and intensity of actions will results in dramatic differences.

Whatever is blocking your from taking action faster must be removed. Is your environment distracting or blocking you? Do you have any ethical or value contradictions that create resistance to taking action?

If you have very big goals and want any hope of achieving them, you'll need to treat yourself like a NASCAR race car. You can't allow yourself to have any part that isn't aerodynamic.

Music also helps a lot. What is your favorite pump-up music? What music helps you turn your mind-off and just get moving and enjoying the flow of the actions?

Make sure you don't burn yourself out when taking massive action at extremely fast speeds, just as an engine can't rev itself at max without overheating, so are you unable to be at full acceleration for the entire day.

Make sure to have strategic slowdowns and be very aware of your level of willpower. If you see signs of craving bad food, engaging in unproductive activities or losing focus, it means you need to stop and rest, you're no longer productive.

Continually challenge yourself to do more with less, how can you improve your output in the same amount of time? Delegate the necessary activities, leverage other people's time when possible, and focus your attention on completing the major daily goals as fast as possible.
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    Great post - there's a lot of interesting ideas in here. One thing I wanted to comment on is your idea about speed of execution. There are a lot of times when it's important to move fast, but also times when it's important to go slowly. I think that a major skill to have is being able to understand each time.

    For example, making sales calls is something that should be done very efficiently. You should always be dialing, or talking to a prospect, and any time wasted in between calling is time you can never get back. The faster you get through calls, the more you can make, and this has a direct impact on your end result.

    On the other hand, when doing a sales presentation, you now need quality over quantity. Your goal should not be to get through presentations as quickly as possible, rather, you should be trying to produce the optimal result as you do them. This means closing the deal!

    The best way to optimize your day is to touch things only once - if you have a task that you need to get done, spend as long as you need to on accomplishing it so you never have to go back to it. That way, as you work on the foundation of your business and start to build it more, you're actually laying perfect bricks that will never be moved.

    Doing things right the first time is as important as doing things quickly when it comes to overall productivity - you'll save way more time by being thorough than you'll save by rushing.
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      Great point Gpacx, speed is key but only if you can execute fully.

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