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How do you get inspired? What really motivates and moves you?

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    My two are my inspiration in my life,because of them I do a lot of things especially for them......
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    Action: If I need to do some writing, I'll just write and give myself permission to write total junk. As I get going, things start to happen.

    Production before perfection.

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      Originally Posted by nemock View Post

      Production before perfection.

      LOL, I need to *implement* that phrase into my life!
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        Its really very interesting post to know about inspiration.
        As soon as i saw someone who is getting more and more success in life, i get inspired because its real example for me to follow.
        On the other hand the lose of others make me disappoint.
        I really wish to grow but grow together is more important than grow individually.
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    the most things that make me inspired the quotes of genius scientist

    one of the best of them that of Albert Einstein
    If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.
    Now put foundations under them.

    and that one of
    Victor Hugo
    To find what you seek in the road of life,
    the best proverb of all is that which says:
    "Leave no stone unturned."

    Ithink scientist get inspired by such powerful quotes
    and I find it useful

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    Yes, inspiration is the mover of everything!
    For me I get inspired when I see some output of my efforts, when I see they are not vain, when people say "thanks" or just smile back.
    The point is to provide others with what they need - your current task is completed and there comes some room for another one. The more you do to others, the more inspiration you get.
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      My inspiration comes when I see my two lovely kids. I always stay motivated when I see them, get things done quickly, earn money etc.
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    My inspiration comes from the results of keyword research tools.

    Once I've got some 'hot keywords' I'm inspired!

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    I am often inspired by other people's hard work and the success they attain because of it. My family is one factor that inspires and motivates me each day. Actually, most positive things that happen into my life makes me want to strive more and do better.
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    Most of the time, I read to get me inspired. Forum posts, books, quotes, just anything that makes me think.

    What motivates me is my great desire to understand everything. (And my unrealistic desire to be perfect.)

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    My inspiration is that I want to really explore the world and see the best things the wolrd has to offer. I want to experience driving the best cars, having the best house, and going to the best parties and vaction spots. Also want to partipate in the most execiting activites such as skydiving, rock climbing, and bungee jumping.
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    My city is mostly automotive and we have been hit hard including me. There are so many people struggling and people ask me what are you doing now and I say - Internet Marketing - the look on their face is amazing (like I am from Mars). I wish I had a camera every time. Just being able to say that inspires me because I jumped outside of the box in this automotive city and am doing something that is unthinkable to so many. I am proud of that and my pride inspires me.
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      I get inspired by success which motivate me to continue, or with an aim i want to reach it, may i fail in 1st times but my desire to accomplish it motivate me forward.

      As per Sam Harrison there`s 10 way to get inspired, they are as follow:-

      1. Be a Borrower
      2. Explore the Masters for Material
      3. Enjoy the Art of Imitation
      4. Look at Other Businesses
      5. Observe and Take Note
      6. Borrow From the Past
      7. Don't be a NIHilist
      8. Open Your Mind
      9. Pick up the Trash
      10. Stay Where You Are

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    I get inspired, when I am reading, for example a question like yours, or writing an article. But I forget sometimes to save these ideas.
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