Why keep eggs in one basket!!

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Diversity in investment can save you from a rainy day. That's what all the gold-star investors like Warren buffet preach about.

But if you're a content writer or running an ecommerce business , thinking about diversity in your marketing strategy should be the core for your survival. Worse things happens everytime and sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Hypothetically thinking , you can get penalized by Google for unnatural outbound linking and within no time you can loose your only business which was driving traffic based on valuable keywords.What other option will you have?

So why keep all the eggs in one basket? I have seen many well known Facebook pages being shut down for just sharing a controversial photo or meme because it ' violated' their code of conduct'.Result: Years of hard work goes down the drain. It's very disappointing when you see your hours of work being taken away.But sometimes you have to accept the facts.

Also relying on one marketing channel to promote your stuff can happen to be detrimental if something worse happens. For example if your business promotes the brand through direct mail and later finds out that the price of postage went up. That will seriously effect the marketing budget.

Rule of the thumb is that with the passage of time your singular marketing strategy can go saturated and the yield most of the time goes down in the most unexpected ways. Therefore diversity in your thinking and strategy can save you from this unwanted headache in a long run.

Do you guys diversify your investments?

Do share your experiences


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    I hear you J, but to tell you the truth the diversity sounds lovely, but it also can cost a lot. So, when you have limited resources, you have to make your choice and stick to it. I know and I'm fully aware, it's not a good thing to do, but this my situation for the time being. Hopefully, this would change and I will be able to enjoy the benefits of diversification in the future, lol. Good luck!
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    yes there where a lot of people making a living off of monetizing youtube ..the a few month ago .. you tube enforced it long standing rule .. and many people who where breaking those rule ..saw their income plummet ..

    but is it trying to put all your eggs in one basket .. or get all your eggs from one chicken ..

    if you are getting all your business from a third party playfor ..like twitter facebook , snapchat, youtube, ebay, amazon....that is trying to get all your eggs from one chicken ..

    but if you build your webpage and your platform.. and drive traffic to it .. that is your basket ..and how you drive traffic to your basket . become your egg producing chicken ..

    then you can make a few other basket and use the chickens to fill it with eggs

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    Very great advice. One of the richest mans in the world came to me and advised me on this very subject.
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