Can we achieve extraordinary success by modeling others?

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Hello Warriors... Let's get this one answered once and for all.

Throughout your internet marketing career, I bet you have seen "gurus' giving away their step-by-step formulas to achieve extraordinary success.

And most of the time, these gurus have achieved incredible success following those same steps.

Their extraordinary success is what makes us go fleeting towards them.

And regardless of the fact that each one of us has his own unique potential, they want us to MODEL them. In return, they guarantee us the same kind of success.

I don't say that modeling others will NEVER give us success. They can, to some extent.

But can they give us extra ordinary success just like the "guru" had?

Should the "Blue-print-to-success" courses be followed with expectations of extraordinary success?

Aren't the successful people always original, and modeling them is the greatest lie ever taught?

Would love to know your opinion on this..
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    there is a big difference between modeling and copying

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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    Sure, it is possible. It is all up to you. I guess what happens a lot of times is that people look at this mentor/coach's success and they think If I could only be half as successful as this guy, then I'll be all right.
    7 Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs
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    I was intrigued by the title. So, I said, lemme see what this one is all about. It goes without saying that you have to come up with something of your own to be truly successful. Yet, on the other side, you can't reinvent the wheel, can you? So, you have to do some "borrowing" here and there. Guess the catch is not to lose yourself while doing so. You take only what's good and potentially beneficial for you. You simply ignore the things that aren't suitable for your situation. You learn and you follow. One day, you say I am done with it. I feel strong enough to do something on my own. And you launch. Cheers.
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