Is Deprivation Your Biggest Motivation?

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To tell you the truth, I like to hear and read those stories from zero to hero. Sometimes, I doubt their authenticity. Sometimes, I think they are obviously and shamelessly exaggerated. Yet, I still like to find new ones. So, do you agree that deprivations of all kinds are actually our biggest and most important motivators? They're the most unusual allies and little helpers on our way to the success. Something that keeps you pushing to do and achieve more. This shouldn't be one of those rationalizations helping you to feel better about yourself and your current perspectives. Deprivation should actually be a powerful fuel for your engines.

Would you also agree that the bad and unfavorable starting positions allow us to enjoy more in our success? I honestly believe that the feeling of total satisfaction doesn't lead you to the perfection. If everything is OK around then why should you possibly wish to change it? Right? On the other hand, if the world of abundance is the only world you know, then why should you try to find or create a new one? Deprivation is actually a good news, as long as you make sure that you aren't exposed too long to it. Also, if you can succeed in overcoming it at one point in your life. What do you think? What are your experiences of using deprivation as your main motivation?
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