What does success mean to you?

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how do you define success as an internet marketer and online business owner?
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    I suppose when you get to the point where you have a large down line and are able to make an income that you can actually live off of. Im on the way to that so im pretty happy right now =D
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      Success is too broad for me but doing some simple thinking, success would mean a happy life having a great career and great relationship. Success in the field that I am enjoying and would give me the feeling of fulfillment.
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    success mean to me continuity to fulfill your dream or your imotion

    in big sence you will get the power of money that will give you the power of every thing

    more than that the test of success give an amizing feeling to continue forward

    this feeling couldn't feel it only those whome felt success

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    Success to me is to achieve the long and short term goals that I have set for myself and the company, not neglecting other areas of life such as relationship, health and hobbies.

    I used to take money/profits as a measure of success... but not now. Yes, money is important and I don;t deny the fact that it is one of the main factors why I started business.

    But having money is not enough and is not equivalent to success if we neglected other important areas of life.
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    The SECRET to your online success can best be determined if you pursue a direction that offers you the best chance to succeed online. How you determine which direction you need to pursue can be an important factor in your ensuring success.
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      Success for me would simply be having the financial means to live the kind of life I intend to live.

      I'm not looking for huge profits and a flashy lifestyle, I just don't want concerns about money to determine what my life's work will be, and what experiences I can have.

      So for me, a successful online business would be on the small side, reasonably easy to manage, and stable. It would also be based around something I'm interested in (If you dislike your job, what's the point of quitting your job to do something else you don't like).

      This is my first post, by the way. I'm happy to be here!
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    According to me Success is not the END..Its just a short term goal to be achieved in-time and so success is a continuous process .....
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    Success for me is being healthy and happy and able to do the things I want to do without having to stress too much about it.
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      according to me success means achieving your dreams,if not fully ,to the level of satisfaction
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    It means having contentment with everything around me.

    Life has a end and I wont me end to be a happy one//

    this is just how I feel

    Clint S.

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    To me, success is no longer having to try to put a smile on your face. It simply never goes away.

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