Letting go of your control issues will make your business a success.

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Now I don't consider myself a control freak in my personal life but having started a few businesses over the years I can tell you in no uncertain terms that I am completely different in my business life. So often when you hand things over to another employee or a company dealing with an aspect of your business things just go wrong! I don't know if it's because people don't care as much about the business that you've put your heart and soul into building up, or if I'm too harsh for that reason.

Whatever the reason, the fact remains the same that if you want to be the only person working in your business, its NEVER going to grow to any great size so you HAVE to get over the control issues you feel about letting people help you out or you're never going to get anywhere.

Easier said than done I know! But here are a few ways that I've learnt to let go, but trust me I still hold the reigns pretty tight, probably tighter than they need to be at times. I dont apologise!!

Hire staff for what they can bring to the table.
A classic trap for the controlling boss to fall into is hiring people they think they can control. You end up with a bunch of lemmings working for you who don't have the ability or confidence to think outside the box and make decisions for themselves. This invariably leads to errors and lack of growth. Choose people who have the skills to think and make decisions for themselves and who can bring new things to the table.

Empower your team.
This is a difficult one but it's the best way to let go of control. You've employed staff who are capable and eager to learn now you have to trust them to go and do it. Give them the lead on projects and see what they can do; once they've earnt your trust you'll find it much easier to delegate tasks and not worry about the outcome.

Embrace failure.
Personally, I think that I'm more worried about what could go wrong than the results of something actually going wrong. I always ask myself what's the worst that can happen, and the reality is that there's little that can't be fixed. Yes, people make mistakes and no these aren't ideal; but if you can look at these instances as opportunity to change procedures and make things better, then good for you!

I dont know if I'll ever fully learn how to let go of control, but I do know that having good, capable people around me is one of the best ways that I can avoid it happening.

How have you learnt to get over your control issues? Or are you still holding on for dear life?
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