Why Im an entrepreneur, NOT a businessman.

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You hear the terms used interchangeably these days but I can tell you hands down that I'm an entrepreneur and not a businessman. No, Im not Richard Branson or Steve Jobs but there are a few key differences between me, probably you, and a very successful businessman.

Entrepreneurs are known for breaking the mould and I know that I've done that on many occasions. And even if I hadn't, I know that I have the confidence to if the opportunity were to arise. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to step out into the unknown whereas businessmen are often more reserved and prefer to follow already established procedures.

An entrepreneur makes their own path which is much more likely to lead to ground-breaking inventions and changes in the way the world turns. Businessmen are smart, but not known for their ingenuity.

My driving force is to do good in the world and create change which leads to a better world for my children. Entrepreneurs are rarely motivated by money but instead their ideas and drive come from a passion to forge change on a huge scale and act in accordance to the needs of their community. Businessmen are often looking for the car, the salary and the financial security.

I have taken many a risk in my time and will continue to dos o to get where I need to be. I don't see a wrong decision as failure, I see it as an opportunity to learn and figure out another way to get where I need to be. Businessmen view this entirely differently and view risk as the possibility that they will lose something that cant be reclaimed. Risk management is big in the business world, not so much for entrepreneurs. This probably leads back to the principals which are the driving force for our businesses. When you're driven by passion and not financial security, you learn to view things like risk very differently

Seriously, I look at my competition as an opportunity to collaborate to achieve even greater results. I dont get scared that they'll steal my ideas and I see that joint success for all is a much better way to live. Businessmen tend to keep their competitors at arms length or try to outdo them; entrepreneurs are more likely to welcome them into the family and see how we can all learn from and grow with each other!

Creative output:
I am creative and work on my own timescale and I know that this can be said of a lot of entrepreneurs. Businessmen follow rules and structure and save their creative release for the weekends.

Definition of success:
The way I define success is by asking if I've made a difference. Yes money is nice, but to be honest I find that comes in its own time if youre doing everything else for the right reasons. Businessmen definetheir success by their wealth and the income theyve made for their company and how far up the ladder they've climbed.

Of course, this is just my humble opinion and is the way I view myself and others who are in the same circles. Neither is more or less important than the other as far as society is concerned but it's the different outlook that defines the difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman.

Which one are you and why?
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    Yeah, it definitely sounds better when you say that you're an entrepreneur rather than a businessman. It's more poetic I guess, lol. On the other side, does it really matter how it's called as long as it is successful? Just a thought. Thx.
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    if you are in business you are a business person

    "I just wanted a good job ,but i could not find a good job, So i do it myself"-Jack Ma

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