How much work is TOO much when youre trying to get a business up and running?

by ColinB
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My best friends wedding is coming up, its a three day event in Spain and hes asked me to be the best man. I should be proud, honored and excited but all I can think about is that cant spare three days away from my business at such an early and crucial stage.
Obviously Im going to go and Ill probably really enjoy myself once Im there. But right now I feel like a pretty bad person and quite disillusioned with my business at the same time.
Does anyone have any experience with such conflicts of interest? My business is in its infancy but Im afraid that this kind of thinking will be my life. Will I return to being a normal person once my business becomes established?
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    you are running a business by narure that makes you a non normal person
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    I think it's quite normal to be very focused on a new business enterprise. It shows discipline, dedication, and passion.

    But I also think that it's important to remember this is going to be a marathon rather than a sprint and one of the reasons for doing it is to create a lifestyle that's enjoyable. I focus on running my business as I intend to go on, always enjoying the present while working hard. If you forsake the lifestyle it really means that you don't have faith in yourself to run a business successfully in a way that supports, rather than decimates your lifestyle.

    I can see you're working yourself very, very hard. Are you also workinging as smartly as you can? It's OK to have elements of your business that require a lot of input from you, but you also need elements that can generate income without so much of that input such as high converting links that you promote via solo ads, or work that is done by VAs. I personally don't think it's possible to build a solid, profitable business that requires you to be doing everything.

    To your success

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