Can you give it a go with or without Quid Pro Quo?

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I'm not an expert when it comes to Latin. Yet, I know what it means. Quid pro quo. Or, in plain English, you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. At the first glance, this sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to do or ask. You do something for someone and you expect to get something in return. There's nothing wrong with it, isn't it? Well, that's not quite true. Have you noticed the problem with the overuse of quid pro quo?

Maybe, it's just me, but I think that the whole world has become too quid pro quo for my taste. I'm not saying that all of us should necessarily be good Samaritans or blind Good Karma followers. Yet, can you just give it a thought? Nowadays, people won't do a thing, unless they don't expect to get something in return. Or, you can't expect a thing, unless you don't promise to do something in return. Perhaps, it's a too strong thing to say, but I think that we've commercialized our relationships. The kindness and actions that don't necessarily ask for a returning favor have become extremely rare. Am I exaggerating?

I honestly believe that our world is deeply contaminated by the vicious quid pro quo virus. If you still don't believe, just try to remember what happened the other day. Maybe, this isn't the case for your friends and loved ones, but what about colleagues, or perfect strangers? Can you say that's not the same? Can you say for sure that you're different?

Are you willing to do something and not to ask for a thing in return? At the same time, this is a test to which extent we're honest to others and most importantly to ourselves. So, let me hear what you have to say about the world ruled by quid pro quo principle.
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    I don't find this infiltrating the relationships of my close family and friends, but Quid Pro Quo is rampant in our formal political system, and all-too-common in business. It undermines quality relationships and great attributes so as Pay-It-Forward and the like.
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    Ugh. Good question. I'm not a big fan of quid pro quo (I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine), but it's the standard in business, philanthropy, etc.
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