Any other self-improvement bloggers out there?

by MichaelTeey 13 replies

I am a self-improvement blogger who feels completely lost in this internet world; I know absolutely no-one!

Are there any other self-improvement bloggers out there who want to work, talk, and help each other out?

Was thinking about making a Facebook group or something if I get some interest

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    Unfortunately you are alone right now, I can see that.

    I hope you keep going, keep pushing and dont give up.

    These times will come to an end if you just DON'T GIVE UP!

    Keep going, keep pushing, keep believing and one day you will find another self improvement blogger you can work with.

    I, LukaB believe in you.
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    There is a very small Facebook group (27 members) called Self Improvement Bloggers. However there are several large groups that are for bloggers in general & I would recommend joining them. Many of these Facebook groups are very helpful communities. Just do a web search for - bloggers "Facebook group" & you'll get list of the best recommendations from several resources.

    I should mention that I see a growing number of self improvement bloggers who are republishing their work on for some potential large exposure.
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    I'm not a blogger, but my favorite self-improvement writer is steve pavlina. when he first started, I think he blogged 5x a week.... but 10 years later he only blogs a few times a month (if that) because his website already has so much content.

    what I really enjoy about his writing is that his blog posts go into great detail. so many self-improvement writers have short, trivial and ultimately generic blog entries..... it's pointless to follow. whereas pavlina not only goes into lengthy detail, but he has original content.

    recently, he did a 30 day disneyland trial..... where he spent 30 days straight at disneyland as a random psychology experiment for himself. he was curious to see how his worldview would change from that experience. that's something you can't find anywhere else.

    advice for blogging:

    - post 3x- 5x a week for several years
    - post lots of details
    - post original content

    good luck. :-)

    edit: not sure how much money he makes now, but a few years ago he said he was making $40,000 a month from his online store (mostly affiliate products). he doesn't use ads on his website anymore because that's a lower quality experience for readers. he values a good reader experience (no ads, no popups, etc)

    edit 2: 2016 traffic is around 10 million pageviews per month as a ballpark ratio of traffic to income. not sure what are the monthly unique visitors.
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    Hey Man. There are people out there like you who want to connect. You need to be actively searching. Some things that worked for me which I invite you to try:

    1) Find and go to internet/digital marketing or small business meetups(Search on
    2) Find people on FB and LinkedIn and introduce yourself.See if you can help them out in any way.

    Even if you don't find someone who does exactly what you do, it's always nice to have a few real life people who you can talk to about blogging/internet marketing.
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    Why are you looking for other self development bloggers? For mentorship or guest post?
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      Hey it was more just to chat to others trying to achieve the same goal as you. Talk about strategy, products, potentially guest posting. Just have a little self-improvement blogging buddy really haha
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  • I write about self-improvement topics, and then I combine several blogs together into books, both for myself and for clients. Some of my blogs have started out on Huffington Post, and they tend to be on a particular theme (like how to deal with Impossible Clients), and most recently I wrote a book on How to Turn Blogs into Books, since I did that with a series of books. Other blogs that became books dealt with visualization, affirmations, overcoming anger, and other topics.
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    I also have multiple things going on in this vertical, from blogs to books to digital programs and a decent sized FB page.

    I generally try to focus on the objective, verifiable, replicable aspects of self improvement and much less on "energy" and manifestation and things like that, but feel free to hit me up if you'd like.
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    I love the subject of self-improvement. It's what my site Xo, Faith specializes in. Inspirational blogging is a huge passion of mine as is content writing.

    I'd be interested in a Facebook group!
    Xoxo, Danielle Faith
    Xo, Faith and
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    I used to blog about the Cosmic Master as an affiliate, made some money and then quit. Now I'll have to stick to it and cause a little of the "ripple effect" that goes from here, all the way to another echelon.
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    Do you guys use FB pages to promote your blogs?

    If so, do you use motivational quote photos to get more traffic to your blogs?
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    I just cram it down with content, really comes natural because I am passionate about the topic and the products and traffic comes in spades. At first I wasn't making any sales but without further due let me tell you that one day it imploded with traffic and a few ching-chang later I found out that it grew out of proportion because of word of mouth.

    What pays for me is that I use the products for personal empowerment and all positive vibes pour into the keyboard. Readers pick this up... now FaceBook groups? Nope, I don't do that. No I don't. But good idea, I'll give it a try.
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    Keep faithful that your goal to give is going to manifest an equally greatest direction for you. It Will!
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