Do You have a focus problem? Find out here...

by Vid Yo
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So I was looking on my hard drive for a WSO I bought some time back--couldn't find it.

Next I went to JVZoo and WarriorPlus, clicked on "Purchase History" and had a TRUE aha moment!!!

I won't say how many products/services I've purchased over the years but the staggering number made one thing clear (of many things made clear)...

I have a FOCUS problem.

Take Action. Here's how you can find out if you have a Focus problem too:

1. Go to JVZoo,
2. Count the number of purchases you've made
3. Take that number and add it to the purchases made from W+
4. Take that number, divide by 11
5. Then multiply...

Oh nevermind! You'll know as soon as you click on Purchase History!

I'm sure several of you had it together from the jump but I'm curious...

How many of you have the same problem I have?
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    Hi Vid Yo, I'm the same. I tend to buy PLR with the best intentions and then forget all about it. I don't have the same issue for software thankfully (mainly because I love playing with new tools).
    I went to JVZoo a few days ago and downloaded loads of good material I had purchased that has been sitting for ages.
    I think the solution comes down to planning. I got this little board thingy out of a stationery shop that has a space for Mon-Fri and "Things to do" section. It might sound silly but I'm going to fill in a few weeks with exactly what I'm going to focus on each day, making sure it's related to the PLR content I already have.
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      Nope, doesn't sound silly AT ALL! It's actually pretty smart to take that kind of action. I hope that board is finally your tool to massive productivity
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    shorter steps..

    go to jvzoo

    count purchase history

    count the number of thing you have done anything with ..

    i have about 12 things over the last three years that i have they all have given me ideas and i am still studying the last purchase .. but .. yeah..
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    I have a WSO that can fix this problem.
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    I had the same problem but with domain names. Once I saw the drop down list I thought to myself "I had better smarten up and start focusing."

    Now I stick with 2-3 tops. It has helped a lot with my productivity and results.
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