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In everything you do there is always something that keeps you going. Motivation comes in different forms so it will be a general thing. What do you think gives you the motivation to strive hard and do better?
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    Originally Posted by Jack Chua View Post

    In everything you do there is always something that keeps you going. Motivation comes in different forms so it will be a general thing. What do you think gives you the motivation to strive hard and do better?
    My Family is the only thing that keeps me motivated.
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      Originally Posted by livewellfinancial View Post

      My Family is the only thing that keeps me motivated.
      Same here. Family is everything! You can always stay motivated knowing that you have their support, trust and love.
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    I agree that the family is the main reason why we are motivated. I am motivated by family too but there also something within me that keeps me going and that is the dream of being successful. I mean everybody is dreaming to succeed but for myself I make it a goal like a finish line to keep on pushing myself to it.
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    Family keeps me motivated and what keeps me motivated when its hard to be motivated is the dread of ever having to go back to my former job and make it there on time in the mornings in snow and freezing rain on icy roads.

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    The end product. Being comfortable enough to buy what I want, when I want it, and not have to worry too much about "financial uncertainty" as much.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    1. Being able to spend time with my family
    2. Reaching my goals and being successful
    3. Having the freedom to do the things we want to do.

    See you at the Warrior Conference in Orlando!

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    Well, it seem we all have similar thought.
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    I was very fortunate having a very good work ethic bred into the marrow of my bones and reinforced during my formative teenage years. A pearl of wisdom my father said to me the evening before my first part-time job as a paper-boy resonates in my mind to this very day:

    "Unless you care about what you do, you'll never be worth anything at any job you ever do."

    He was right.

    Throughout my working life I have been the most productive, enthusiastic and happiest at work when I actually give a damn about what I am doing.

    So definitely one of the main things that motivates me and keeps me going with Internet Marketing and non-work related projects is caring about what I do.

    My theory is to turn your attention to what you truly care about and let the motivation run free.

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    I can explain as follow by self motivation.
    Self-motivation often depends on our own individual circumstances, and expectations. In an era of economic change, many people may feel disappointed and lack motivation, except on a survival level. Whilst others are determined to see this change through and beat the change.
    Determining what motivates you, could make the difference by facing any difficult changes with the strength to continue or sit back and become lethargic and fatalistic about the situation you are personally facing.
    So How do you determine what Motivates You?
    1. Sit back, relax and empty your mind about any negative thoughts. Being clear headed is one way to approach deciding what motivates you......
    2. Write down on two pieces of paper or on word, one section on what motivates you personally, and one on what elements do not motivate you.
    3. Once that's finished you have a complete list of the real factors that both motivate and make you lose motivation.
    4. Analyze the points you have written down, and see if there is any action you can take to change the situation.
    5. Work on erasing the factors that are not motivating you, and fixing the factors that really motivate you.
    Often we find that our motivation has changed because of circumstances, and we are forced into situations we dislike; like a job we dislike, or a partner we do not really love, even a place we do not like living in.Finding a way to solve these problems could lead to success, simply because perhaps a change in career could motivate you to become a success, or even a change in the area we live in.
    A Motivational chart often clears problems, and helps us move on towards a better life, and can even solve the problems we often face with new resolve.

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    What motivates me is the thought of working even at the age of 65. Here in the sunny island of Singapore, the retirement age gets higher and higher.

    The thought of travelling to work and do the daily grind gives me the ultimate motivation. Motivation to be free to made my own choices without the limitation of money.....

    You guys know what I mean...enuf said.
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    Moving out of my parents house, taking my parents out to a nice dinner, buying my friends drinks, and traveling the world. That's all I need to remember to get on track
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    Well a combination of things.. The fear of a dead end 9 to 5 job, the thrill of making money online, my friends and family etc.
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    My mortgage, my wife, and trying to give my family a better life.

    Occasionally Relevant.

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  • Awesome, insightful and helpful contributions on this subject thus far. Well, for me what motivates me is first and foremost family and second a desire to impact someone's life in a significant way.
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    My motivation is understanding that failure is the greatest opportunity you can ever have. If you fail once learn from it and don't make the mistake again.

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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    That probably sounds harsh to new age ears, but I'm honest and I couldn't say family, or success or anything like that. My family are my greatest love, but they don't really motivate me, as I find motivation internal.

    Money solves a lot of problems and having more reduces a lot of stress.

    So money it is and money it shall be!
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    True, more free time and passive income, that should be a good motivation...and also the way we work with our passions. In IM, the internet is the mere channel. You can simply sell anything and make money.

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    I'm motivated by fear (amongst other things). Fear of losing what I value most. But I don't regard fear as negative because it's a powerful motivator for me.
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    Completing what my DAD was not willing to in his life motivates me.

    This is how I see it.

    Hop this helps

    Clint S.

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    My biggest motivation comes from my family and friends.

    I am not motivated by riches or money such as others. My motivation comes deep within my soul. I want to accomplish what I know I can do. No outside force can stop he that believes.

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    motivates people all around me..
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      My dream,my wife,my son,my parents,my...
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    Making a difference.
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    Some time it's family and philosopher as well.
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    Music! It takes me into another world where i can feel myself as a tension less guy.
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      For me, it's not really a "what" but a "who". My family motivates me. Every time I am in a difficult situation, I always think of them. They just pull me up whenever I feel down. They also serve as my inspiration to do my job better.

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    I think about the big picture and my long-term goals. If my job is helping me move towards those goals, then that helps me keep going at it. But if I'm unhappy in a current place of employment more than I'm happy, I know it's time for me to move on. I have stayed in jobs because they paid well, and I was miserable. I ended up quitting (on more than one occasion) with NO back-up plan, no other job, no idea what I wanted to do. All I knew was I wasn't happy there. So I left, never looked back, and was happier for it immediately! There will ALWAYS be other jobs. So if I'm not happy doing one thing, I find another. In the end, my happiness and peace of mind is worth more than money. As long as I have enough to pay the bills (I'm a big-time saver when I DO have a paycheck coming in), I don't stress about it.

    I agree with the saying: "Do what you love and the money will follow." That's certainly been the case for me again and again over my life.
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    This may sound odd, but my ex motivates me. How does that old saying go?..."The best revenge is massive success!"
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  • One Russian rude, quite successful guy said: "How to motivate yourself to act? Don't, just stay in the sh#t you're in."

    I love how Tony Robbins says, "I'm not the motivation guy, I'm the WHY guy: I'm helping you to find out WHY you do what you do."

    What's in it for me, is that I'm building the base, so to speak, and then I'm inspired to do things that take me further. And building the base is exactly that, understanding myself, why I want what I want, and how I can work and live together with myself.
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    New challenges, responsability, family, friends, career goals, seeing other peoples result, recognition for my efforts.
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    Personally my parents have motivated me, when I grew up I always had everything I wanted but my parents struggled and worked hard for everything they gave us.

    Now I think its my turn to try and repay the favour even though its not repayable.

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    Same here....my family keeps me motivated about everything. They're my source of strength and inspiration as well.
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    My friend and my mother always motivate me.
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    What motivates me is my dreams. Every time I wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep I always look on my dream album. lol.. I just love to share what keeps me going.
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