How To Get What You Want

by Trey Morgan 8 replies
When you have a specific goal you want to achieve in life, you "MUST" take matters into your own hands.

Your options are:

A. Hope that you achieve your goal

B. Affirm that you will achieve your goal

C. Do whatever it takes to achieve your goal (ethically)

D. All of the above

Hoping you achieve your goal is a good start. Affirming you will achieve your goal is even better. However, doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal without breaking the law and/or hurting anyone is the most effective way to achieve your goal.

The key is to do all 3 every single day without fail. Make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, and seek support and guidance along the way. If your goal has already been achieved by another in some form, then find out what he/she did to achieve that goal and apply those steps to your own situation.

When I speak to people about their goals that haven't been achieved and I ask them why those goals haven't been achieved, it is always the same. That person is not doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Now doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals on a daily basis is easier said than done, but that is why most people never achieve their goals. They think because something is easier said than done, it is a valid excuse.

Well, if doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal is not something you're willing to do, then maybe you don't really want to achieve that goal. Maybe you like the idea of achieving the goal, but you don't really want it.

Do you know what it looks like when somebody really wants something? Look at Black Friday enthusiasts. People put up tents and wait in a line outside of a Walmart, Bestbuy, or a Target for days, just to get some T.V. or some Ipad for $100 off. Then when the day comes they rush into the store pushing, and shoving their way past anyone who gets in their path as they search for the item they waited so desperately for.

That is what it looks like to do whatever it takes to get what you want. When you really want something you will make sacrifices to get it. You will wake-up earlier, stay up later, miss out on events, and miss your favorite t.v. shows, as you take the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

If you don't have an intense drive inside you that propels you towards the achievement of your goals, then you need to dig deep and find your "zone". You need find out what your buttons are and you need to know how to push your own buttons. Some people are strongly motivated by frustration, hunger, and/or misery. Others are motivated by excitement, ambition, and/or optimism. Some people are motivated by a combination of different things.

Without that intense drive and desire to succeed, it is very difficult to achieve a goal. Will power alone will fail you, you need to go after a goal that fills you with excitement and a rush of positive energy. Self-discipline is important and you need to develop good habits, but there must be a natural drive inside you. Either you have that natural drive, or figure out a way to create it.

In some cases you can manufacture a situation where you have no choice but to get in the "zone" and in other cases you may need a little help.

Just know this. If you want something, you must go get it like a black friday enthusiast. Be willing to do the extraordinary and you will achieve the extraordinary.
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    not disagreeing with you,

    the problem behind why so few get what they really want.. is they have yet to dig down to what they truly want.. they are still working from a list of the things they should want that it is acceptable to tell others they want .

    if you listen to older abraham hick stuff .. when the chanel first starts ..the question to the audience is ..and do you know what you ware wanting..when the audience answered yes .. abraham would say "really"

    look at it this way .. if you get into self help ..of course when you write down goals.. how many people write down the goals they should want instead of what they really want ..

    when we live in societies that teach us what we really want and going after what we really want.. makes us sinful , bad immoral people .. it take a long time to break down and go after what you really want ..

    think if your born into western lower and middle classes all you are taught about how evil and wastefull rich people are ..

    when going on the path to building a business and building wealth .. the biggest push back is from other people in your social class ..

    when i went to go too the Philippines two years ago well 2 and a half.. It was odd enough the reaction people had the two years before that i was telling people that was what i was going to do .. travel .. live outside the country .. thats crazy talk ..

    you have to come to terms with what you really want and understand what you really want ..

    then your goals set themselves and your faced with the option on a daily basis to accept the life you have with stuff you really don't want .. or go after the life you want ..
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    i Will go into this a different way .

    most people want to be liked by most people they meet . they also believe that money is the root of all evil, rich people are bad and take advantage of the poor to get rich.. so they tend to want enough to get by..and look like good people so it really stunts their desires and real wants .. because they are made to feel bad or greedy .

    this is why most millionaires or billionaires where actually kind of outcasts while they where young and failed to fit in ..

    to get what you want you have to pull out the programming to stop eating the shit sandwich your fellow human beings have been conditioned to eat.. really adjust your idea of what comfort is ..

    so if you want to spend to grand on a bottle of wine and pour ot over your womands boobs to lick it of .. you can want that and not feel guilty..

    or to be able to jump on a plane where you can rent a beach apartment for 1 grand a month..and get a real(non happy ending) massage every day for ten bucks including tip.. get maid service for cheep have your meals cooked for you for less than what you would pay at a fast food place .

    how about having money in the bank so when you need a car just buy it with cash . or buy the new sports car ..
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    'How to get what you want' for me is a subjective question because we all have different wants and needs. Some of us already have what we need and some of us don't. Some of us have what they want but some don't. In a financial standpoint, if you're wanting to have something that money can buy then you don't what that certain thing but rather you want to have financial freedom. I can't really give an accurate answer to this. Its different with other people.

    What I would suggest is you need to clarify what you want, design a plan on how to achieve it and follow through.

    Some people might read my reply so I will include my blog about reverse commissions and how to join reverse commissions, and how members can make a lot of money through it
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    the rolling stones know better

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      Originally Posted by hardraysnight View Post

      trump used that as his theme song through the election even though the rolling stones asked him to stop..

      it is going to be the way things are from now one.. but see it was subliminal with trump because he is a master negotiator you open up asking much more than you expect to get ..and working with the other side by back of your demands and getting them to soften on theirs ..

      i am not going into the politics .. just the systems people use to make billions.. the goals big hairy shoot for the moon goal.. are negotiable from go but if you start out just asking for what you want .. it gets chipped away and you end up with less ..

      truthfully you can't always get what you want.. at least not when you want it but knowing what you want ..
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    goal singular or goals plural?

    it's not that hard to achieve one single goal with focus.... but then your other goals fall apart from neglect. financial goal achieved, health goal trashed. health goal achieved, relationship goal trashed. relationship goal achieved, financial goal trashed.

    do you have time management or priority advice?

    edit: people do gain traction with a single goal (like financial goal) and further make gains with a specific focus within that goal.... so having a narrow scope can definitely be used as a strategy. just be realistic about the benefits and costs.
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    Metaphysically I have read to "assume the goal has already happened by feeling and visualizing with your heart that it is truly already real" is the best way to manifest the equal desire or intention.
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    when does a goal become a gaol
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