Why People Don't Implement Ideas

by iyazam
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Lately I have been listening to some very interesting recordings of top gurus who develop information products such as John Reese and leading life coaches such as Tony Robbins, who both were discussing the top of "why don't people implement?"

The fustration of someone who develops an information product - forget about the money earned from selling the product - the fact that people won't implement whats written in it can be very fustrating for the person who developed it.

I think one of the main reasons why people don't implement is because they are uncertain about their product or service. Somewhere inside they don't really believe they can change peoples lives...and this is whats holding many people back.

Even if you are not starting your own business but working for a company, if you don't believe in the companies products or services you will end up doing a sloppy job.

If you want to implement your ideas - then you must believe in what you are doing or else save your self a lot of time and money!
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    There are some people who are just plain lazy, but I think most of the time failure to implement is due to fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of looking foolish, fear that people will judge them harshly, fear of just about anything.

    Fear keeps people trapped where they are, afraid to move forward.

    Cathy Stucker, http://www.IdeaLady.com/
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    Each morning, I visualize myself winning.. I have to admit if it was not for my inner person saying, "I CAN do it! YOU CAN do it!" I may not be in the position of success that I am today. Some days it is still difficult, but guess what -- I am doing it!
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    I think it is because of the fear of being a failure. The fact that we can't please everybody, so maybe some people just can't handle being criticized. Most people just wanted to play it safe all the time.
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    This is a very good question and something to really ponder over. I think people tend to give themselves too many excuses for not doing something. Here are the 10 most common excuses for inaction:

    Excuse #1: "I'm too stressed out."
    Excuse #2: "I don't believe I can."
    Excuse #3: "I don't have the time."
    Excuse #4: "I don't have the energy."
    Excuse #5: "I'm too emotional."
    Excuse #6: "I'll always be the way I am."
    Excuse #7: "I'm afraid I'll make a mistake."
    Excuse #8: "I'm too sick."
    Excuse #9: "I'm too sceptical."
    Excuse #10: "I can't do it alone."


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    This subject of people buying products & then not using them has also fascinated me for years. Setting aside people who buy because they find the stuff intellectually stimulating or are another type of 'collector', in my view a major reason is to do with 'avenues of hope'. Let me explain...

    The average person who buys this type of product does so because they want to change or improve their current situation. The massive selection of products available gives them 'avenues of hope' which, if followed, might deliver that change; the avenues will effectively take them to this 'new world of their dreams'. However, subconsciously they are having a conversation which goes something like this...

    "If I buy this, I'll own the product that could deliver the dream I want. But, if I actually follow through and take some action, and it doesn't work, I'll have one less option to get me to the life of my dreams. So I'll have closed the door on a possible escape route and I'll have wasted all my time (and money) working towards a dead-end. And I'll still be where I am now - no better off. I'd rather keep my avenues open and alive rather than see them killed off - I'd rather keep the hope alive by still having the option open to me" .

    So the fear of closing a door on one 'avenue of hope' prevents them from taking action by following that avenue. Their subconscious is telling them that the avenue will still be there tomorrow and so will the hope that it could deliver their dream life. It's another aspect to 'fear of failure'. And if they've paid a lot of money for the product, this will exacerbate those fears as they agonize over wasting all that money as well as time.

    The doubts aren't helped by the fact that the 'gurus' release product after product. It begs the question "Are you releasing a new product because the last one didn't work?".

    The reality is that no one single product or action is going to deliver yor dream life - so multiple actions are needed. But, you need to realize that when you take mulitple actions, some of them will fail; however you will learn from them and will be further forward as a result as you will have both the knowledge and the practical application experience to base future actions upon. And this is something made worse by the marketing of these products which promise the earth. They tend to be marketed as silver bullets (after all, would you buy something where they told you that some of it probably won't work for you?). The result is that, even for those who take action, they get a shock when something doesn't work first time and maybe give up.

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    I think the reason that many people do not implement the information that they have investing their money in is because implementation requires consistent action.

    See a lot of people have been program to think that they should always get instant gratification. And, when that does not happen, it's easier for them to throw up their hands and say it doesn't work.

    Many people say that they want to be successful, but very few are welling to sacrifice the time, effort and money to achieve that success
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      All of the post replies here are excellent.

      I would like to add that within our subconscious we still battle fight or flight. The idea or thought of doing something new is sometimes perceived as a fear due to the unknown.

      Some people grab the bull by the horns and go full throttle into the great unknown whereas a large percentage will flee. Alot of times we fight against primal programming and have to first overcome our own conditioning.

      A good test to see where you fit in this fight/flight response is to think of a time or situation that was new or unknown to you and how you handled it. The next thing to do is be honest and note if this response was a pattern or a one time event. Based on how your findings turned out, this will help you to see why you and for that matter, all of us approach taking action.

      It may be that in order to take action, we must fight natural instinct. Facing our fears is the next step and of course visualize or imagine a great outcome never hurts our case.

      Michelle--Your Online life Coach
      Website: http://WinningSimplified.com
      YouTube Channel: http://YouTube.com/WiseMind1

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    ANother big reason especially in internet marketing is that there is information overload. Approaching internet marketing as one method is like going to a university and saying you want to major in all subjects. Beginners really need to pick a focus and stick with it.

    Many other people want to be good at something before they give it a shot and never end up implementing because its very hard to become good at something without first being bad and making mistakes. Instead of perfecting how you will promote cpa offers on craigslist, just start doing it. Make mistakes, get ads ghosted and taken down, etc. Thats how you learn.

    This doesnt just relate to internet marketing though. Information paralysis and not wanting to make mistakes are two real reasons people dont implement in the non-im arena.
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    hi good poste

    an easy explanition
    One of the biggest problems facing small businesses is poor planning. As unlike larger corporations who can afford to waste money testing ideas choosing the wrong idea for a small business can be disastrous and possibly lead to them going out of business. Instead they should focus on ideas which have begin shown time and again to be profitable. Research has shown the 5 most profitable small business ideas to be local marketing, Craigslist, online marketing, optimizing a website for the search engines and keep your customers happy. Some of these things you might have a rough idea about while others will make you go huh but by the time you've finished reading you'll be familiar with them and ready to use them in your business.
    1. Get Involved in the Local Community
    As a local small business all of your income is going to come from the local area so it's no good if people don't know about your business. Probably the easiest way of getting noticed in your local community is by getting involved with a local school. As there always looking for local business support so no matter what your business is there's bound to be something you can do. For example a computer company could donate a few computers. Not only do you get the benefit of the parents learning about your company but you may also get a mention in the paper which will inform the wider community about your business. Of course you don't want to just limit yourself to schools you also want to get in contact with other related businesses and work out a referral system or even just get them to hand out discount coupons for your business.
    2. Craigslist
    You probably haven't heard of Craigslist but it's a site where you can advertise your goods or service under where you live. But that's not all as if your competitors are also using it then you can see what they are offering.
    3. Join the Online Community
    Just as you need to increase your presence offline you need to do the same online. The two biggest sites are Facebook and Twitter. You're probably more familiar with Twitter as that's the favourite of celebrities world wide and you probably heard about how many views the youtube video of Susan Boyd got after Asten Kutcher Twitted about her. Though both work the same with you setting up a profile and keeping potential customers up to date with your latest offer.
    4. Optimize Your Website
    Of the 5 most profitable business ideas this is probably the one that will have the most impact. As most people search for stuff online now so if you're not found on the first page of Google then as far as their concerned your company doesn't exist. Which of course means one of your competitors will get the sale. This is also very easy to mess up as you may think right I'll get the site ranked for the business name. When in fact you need to get listed for what your potential customers are actual searching for.
    5. Keep Your Customers Happy
    Probably the hardest thing to do is getting new customers so once you've got them you want to do your best to keep them. An easy way of doing this is setting up a lead capture system that way you can send out discounts along with hints and tips. So when they need whatever it is you offer your companies name will spring to mind first. Basically you want to treat them like a king.

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    I agree with Kenster that a lot of people suffer from information overload.

    I think the main reason people don't implement ideas is because they aren't sure it's going to work, and they don't want to invest effort into something that might or might not pan out. That's why many people just end up working miserable 9-5 jobs -- they know without a doubt that they'll get paid for their time.

    It all comes down to how much of their time and effort people are willing to risk.
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