What does TV have in common with The Law of Attraction?

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While watching TV we generally zone out and get involved with whatever we are watching.
This relaxed state of concentration removes us from our surroundings and problems of the day.
When this state of being occurs our brain frequencies slow down and we are much more receptive
on a subconscious level. Advertisers love this! We are much more impressionable in this state and our brains work like a computer. Black is black and white is white to our subconscious. It has no sense of humor and only processes black and white like a computer processes the "E" key if you touch it, not the "F" key - even if you consciously wanted the "F' key. Excitement (emotion) will accelerate this process and make whatever you are viewing that much more appealing. This is why all of the pretty girls, fast cars, and lavish life styles, if not compelling subject matter, appear in almost all TV ads. These impressions stay in our subconscious until something either knowingly or unknowingly triggers them.
For example, you'll be driving past a fast food restaurant, or a car dealer and get the urge to pull in even if you are not hungry or do not need a car. Why? Because your subconscious has been primed to do so by the images imprinted on your mind. A lot of illnesses are manifested this way too. This is how advertisers attract you to their products even months down the road.

Now, the self induced Law of Attraction works exactly the same way and is actually more powerful than the advertisers because of your desires, you are causing it to happen. Here is a brief outline on how to attract the things you want into your life. (First determine exactly what you want!)

  • 1.) Get in a quite place and relax deeply.
  • 2.)Imagine (picture in your mind) your deepest desire until you can see it vividly.
  • 3.) Build excitement as if you could literally put your hands on your desire when you finish the exercise.
  • 4.) Expect it to come about. Have no doubts (have faith) and you will see it manifest.
  • 5.) Do this exercise every morning upon awaking and every evening before going to sleep.(Very last thing before sleep.)
Reading a book on self-talk will help immensely on not sabotaging your desires, I highly recommend it.

Live, love & laugh everyday!

Mountain Mike
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    my father used make me read self help books since i was young before i went to bed. now i thank god he made me. i'm almost reaching my goals.
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  • Good post man, thanks.
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