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Hi guys!
I am a web designer , have a hosting services and graphic design business, but business is not "booming" I rarely find 1 or 2 clients a month.
Anyway, around July I started a blog in my main domain name. The idea is attract biz owners to learn about marketing, internet or future biz owners how to start their business. link them to my web/marketing website and get more clients. \o/ yay!

However people are visiting the blog, I show u the analytics from today, I only use adsense and in 6 months it made not much... like $10?

I have Clickbank , CJ, Amazon, and Linkshare accounts available to use.
I write all my own content, english and spanish. I don't have a LIST people are not subscribing

What would you recommend me? I know many technical stuff But I know am missing something to make money.

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    Create a list. People do subscribe to email lists, but you need to provide quality content and a site that doesn't just ask them to give things (their money, their email, etc.)

    The image doesn't open, therefore can't see your analytics. Would need a lot more information to help you get leads and convert them.
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    Look for similar blogs in your niche and model after them.

    Subscribe to their list, study what they're selling.

    If you go to you can see where their traffic is coming from.

    Don't reinvent the wheel.
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    Identify you value proposition. What exactly do you offer, then identify whose need you are filling and where to find those people. Start creating a list of subscribers but a list of people who have a need for what you offer. It sounds complex and it is until you learn enough about all the little pieces to start putting it all together. You are doing the right thing by asking questions.
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