What are your Top 3 books to read for forming a good emotional relationship with money?

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I'm making a programming tutorial video with javascript and chrome extensions for Amazon marketplace api and I want to make a mini program that does web analytics for ebooks specifically in the money category. I wanted to know what books you guys like about money that changed your life so I can get some inspirational ideas for making my javascript programming tutorial really good and filled with positive emotions about money while making it.
Help me!
Thank you!
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    The Millionaire Mindset - T Harv Eker-- so you reset your "money thermostat".
    The E-Myth - Michael E Gerber -- so your business starts working for you.
    Any scary book on retirement -- so you actually have a retirement
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      thanks for your answers. I think it's imperative that I develop a positive set of emotions around money so that's why I'm trying to work on this area in my life. Programming is my main job, but having a healthy relationship with money I still think will help me become more financially better. Thanks!

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        Money is just a measure of value. Value can be created or stolen -- though it has to be created by someone before it can be stolen. So the real question isn't how much money you have, but how did you acquire the money. Did you do it in ways that created value? or stole value? As long as you earn your wealth by creating value instead of stealing value, you can have a very positive set of emotions around money.
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    I know it's controversial but the book RICH DAD, POOR DAD change my attitude toward money
    People who say it can't be done should not interrupt those who are MAKING IT HAPPEN
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